Blood Moon Meditations

We are a bit different here in the Land of Enchantment and instead of tales of doom and gloom folklore in rural Northern New Mexico holds that four Blood Moons in a row offer an opportunity for the seasons to recalibrate.  In honor of that I’ll be offering Blood Moon breathing meditations Saturday mornings from […]

The Geometry of Speech

Astro-logy literally means ‘star-writing’.  There are a lot of avenues to pursue from that understanding but here is one I find fascinating: Alchemists insist that humans are a microcosm of the whole and our voice is a heavenly instrument. Compare the shapes of the human voice to the voice of the stars… and more food […]

Blog Tour

Issy Clark  who writes about her horses on the Spoken Horse asked me to participate in a blog tour for writers.   It starts with answering four questions about the writing process:  1) What am I working on?   Communication through making noises that we expect will make predictable movies in other people’s heads is peculiar […]

I’ve Got A Feeling Fine horsemanship has been considered a spiritual practice for countless ages so a synonym for ‘feeling’ in horsemanship  might be ‘mindfulness’ in Buddhist practice.  Horses are naturally mindful, they are incredibly aware of and responsive to us and our awareness of them. They are also, like our emotional feelings and our physical perceptions, non-verbal. […]