A Princess in High Heels

When the Choctaw Princess first arrived, I was glad to see that she showed no signs of the corrugated hoof wall typical of laminitis despite her susceptibility top grass founder. She stood square with no attempt to bring her hind feet up under herself to relieve pain in her front end. Nor did she hobble […]

Meeting Royal Obligations

The infamous French horse master Francois Baucher speaks of meeting the onerous obligations of the riding hall if one wishes to join the aristocracy of those who excel at horsemanship. I am pretty sure that he was thinking of the human side of the equation, but the Choctaw Princess has made me consider those aristocratic […]

On Feeding a Princess

Along with the Choctaw Princess, I got a five-pound bucket of the latest in feed additives for horses prone to grass founder. The supplement contains beneficial yeast as saccharomyces cerevasiae and beneficial fungi as aspergillus oryzae as well as some of the usual lacto, bifido and enterococcus bacteria. I went out on a limb when […]

A Thorn in My Side

When asked to explain my debilitating chronic pain I have described as feeling like there is a snag in my myo-fascial field of tissue. My body feels the way a sheet looks when a loose thread gets pulled, wrinkling up the whole sheet along a line of tension. My whole right side felt like it […]

The Choctaw Princess 30 Days Later

I usually find myself regretting that I have not taken before pictures a year or so after my rescue horses show up. This time around, I decided to take photos of the Choctaw Princess every 30 days starting from the beginning and make a record of how she changes. The easiest way to get a […]

Ego-nomics — Curt Pate Stockmanship

Just in case you thought interest in equine bio-mechanics was restricted to dressage…. We finished the third Stockmanship and Stewardship event in Stephenville, Texas last Friday and Saturday. Many conferences start at 1 in the afternoon so they don’t have to provide a noon meal. It’s just economics as food is a big expense. Not […]

A Choctaw Princess

I have been insisting that I do not have the physical or financial resources to take on a horse for so long that a conspiracy to get a horse to me developed. First my neighbor began to insist that if I was not going to get a horse he was going to get one for […]