What About Hands?

“Need I recommend discretion in your demands? I think not. If the rider, having reached this stage of his horse’s education, cannot comprehend and seize that fineness of touch, that delicacy of process indispensable to the right application of my principles, it will prove him devoid of every feeling of a horseman; nothing I can […]

offline again

My time on line is bought in short bursts, and this session has come to an end just as Windows 10 is downloading onto my computer, I’ve got a few posts lined up to self-publish; and I’ll be back on line for another brief visit when I have figured out to work the new operating […]

The Fifth Door and the Seven Sisters

• ‘Hear now age old tales as if they were new, that they may teach you to speak true’ • (Trevrizent to Parzival in Book IX) Having gotten Parzival into the Fish’s Mouth (click here) and set the container for his inward journey, the next big question is what is the point, the intent, and […]