Developing Independent Aids now online

I was often frustrated by the instruction to use my hands, or my legs or my seat when riding. I wanted to know HOW I was supposed to use them. I came up with the elements of an equestrian alphabet so I could reflect on how the way I used my natural aids influenced my […]

Light in Hand is on Amazon

ttps:// Few trainers emphasize conditioning when schooling horses and even fewer seem aware that the shortened training schedule was actually gruesomely pragmatic policy of the cavalry. Repeating rifles and machine guns made it necessary to mobilize cavalry troops as quickly as possible knowing that most of them would not survive. Most of us learn too […]

The Gymnastic Circle is online!

My second horse book, The Gymnastic Circle, has been out for a few weeks now. Here is the link:     I do have the next four books on starting both horse and rider on mounted work in the pipeline. However, I was reviewing Vladimir Littauer’s book Commonsense Horsemanship this spring when he stopped me […]

Riding the Wind Horse

One solicitation for advertising I received was the offer to promote me as an animal psychic.  This made me a bit nervous mind as accomplished horsemanship might look a lot like mind reading, but it is actually more along the lines of mindfulness. I am actually quite adamant that horses read bodies wondrously well, but […]

My First Title is online NOW

I am not sure if this link to Amazon will work, so you can also type in: Seeking Common Ground by Sara Annon Volume 2 will be online as soon as we make sure that all the computer bits and buts are working correctly.