When I finally got a referral to a neurologist to start looking into why I was falling over and erratically losing the use of my right side in the fall of 2015, I expected at least an attempt to take a history and some sort of a physical exam.  I especially get stuck on specialists […]

Shiva’s 840,000 Postures of Creation-

‘Early in the 1980’s, an Austrian friend of mine Conceived the notion That we should use the trance-posture experiences for  ‘celebration’. None of us had any idea how that could be done. In fact, he thought perhaps we could simply  Imitate some tribal ritual. To an anthropologist, such as myself, The idea appeared preposterous. Native […]

Headsets or What Is Remaner?

This first act of submission, which might appear unimportant, will have the effect of quickly rendering him calm, of giving him confidence, and of repressing all those movements which might distract his attention, and mar the success of the commencement of his education. Two lessons, of a half hour each, will suffice to obtain the […]

Borrowed Time

I have the chance to borrow time on a friends internet connection so I’m setting up some blogs to post themselves when I am not on line. It’s been an interesting time in real life and I am contemplating just how to post my surreal experiences in Obamacare.  Meanwhile, the things I am really interested […]

Are We There Yet?

(Riders) must also recognize The simple fact that There are no perfect human beings. We are so far from perfect That if there ever are any perfect humans We probably won’t recognize each other As the same species. Trying to be perfect can lead to insanity, And striving for perfection In (horsemanship) can make (Horse […]