Square Colonial Spanish Horses are Indeed Rare

When Colonial Spanish horses were first imported to North America, horses were as ubiquitous and varied in type as cars in a modern parking lot. The recent leaps in equine genetic research has helped to increase our understanding of how those horses were perceived and bred as well as how they were built. Queen Isabella […]

Asad’s Skin Needs MSM

I’ve gradually added about half a cup of MSM to Asad’s medicinal mush. His joints all suddenly began clicking when he moved and and when I brushed him it sounded like I was running a brush over a piece of corrugated cardboard. I tried to do a little more ground work with him, but strapping […]

Painter’s Widow as well as His Horses May Be at Risk

I have been offered funding to oversee getting the remaining more vulnerable members of Robert Painter’s herd of Colonial Spanish horses moved to an interim holding area where mares can foal, the older horses can gain condition and those youngsters who need more research- like DNA parentage testing- to get their papers can be cared […]

Resegregation of Ideal Square Horse Phenotype

Free-roaming horses in North America are living history, evidence of how human and horses have interacted with each other and the environment over last five hundred years. That history includes many instances of out-crossing of free-roaming Colonial Spanish stock. The US Cavalry Remount programs encouraged ranchers to run registered Thoroughbred stallions from the 1800’s until […]

21st Century Preservation Strategy Needed for Colonial Spanish Horses

The Livestock Conservancy has moved the Colonial Spanish horse to their Critical list because fewer than 200 foals were registered in 2021. The drop in number of registered foals is NOT due to a lack of interest in Colonial Spanish horses or to the general public’s lack of appreciation of their history, abilities or the […]

Part II of A Human View of the Ukraine

Below is a link to the second part of my interview with Galina Krasskova on Ukrainian-Russian conflict, its historical and ideological roots and what possible conclusions we can see emerging from it. Its an in-depth dive into some pretty heavy and complicated history, but I hope the above image serves as a nice summary of […] […]

Asad’s Insides

I chose to worm Asad with moxidectin and praziquantel in late January. His colic symptoms were minimal and I wanted to kill off any resistant and/encysted parasites before the weather warmed up. I expected he would have a few days of discomfort. Tapeworms in horses has becomie more common and tapeworms are not susceptible to […]

Update on the Painter Colonial Spanish Horses

Robert Painter, preservation breeder of Colonial Spanish horses, recently passed away at age 90. Painter’s first horses were acquired from Bob Brislawn, founder of the Spanish Mustang Registry and Gilbert Jones. founder of the Southwest Spanish Mustang Association. He inspired the founders of the Spanish Barb Horse Association and some of his horses are registered […]