E·gre·gious Acts of Cruelty

When horse cruelty hits the pages of USA today, I do stop and take notice. http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2014/03/11/horse-abuse-soring-bills-in-congress/6304321/ And if I had any doubts about the sorry state of our nation’s leaders ethics and/or  their egregious cruelty this has put them to rest: https://tuesdayshorse.wordpress.com/2017/01/21/trump-and-mcconnell-team-up-to-prevent-rule-that-would-virtually-end-horse-soring/ Just a note people, remember that it is well documented that people who […]

The Baffled Blogger

I have had to abandon most advice about how a blog should perform because mine follows its own logic. For instance, I often get more readers when I have not posted for some time. Some posts also have a life of their own. Citrinitas and Rubedo is one that gets looked at every couple of […]

Greed or Maia’s Blind Increase

%When through strong unconscious tendencies I wander in samsara (confusion) On the luminous light path Of innate wisdom% Recognizing, nurturing, and replicating the spark of life that survives our Sloth is the realm of the Fifth Pleiadian Sister, Maia the Great, the Beautiful, the Increaser.  The lesson Maia teaches is that exactly what increases is […]

Sloth or Electra’s Strange Attractors

%When through fierce confused projections I wander in samsara (confusion) On the luminous light path Of abandoning all fear% The Fourth Deadly Sin is now better known to us as Depression.  As a Deadly Sin, Sloth is a lethal cocktail of self-justification, resentment, anxiety, isolation, learned helplessness, nostalgia, and self-pity.   Belphegor, the Demon of Sloth, […]

Inauguration Day 2017

I have decided that the way I want to commemorate the presidential inauguration this year is by finishing up my posts on the Seven Deadly Sins and publishing Gluttony, Sloth, and Greed.  Given the way I grew up, I experienced shamanism as far more than a tool for psychological therapy. Here is hoping that the […]