Confessions of a Plasma Globe

For weeks after being hit by lightning, I saw lovely magenta electrical fields, streaked with blue-violet and shimmering in shades of rose and lavender, every time I closed my eyes. When I looked for lightning photos on the web, I came across some examples that illustrated my visions perfectly. It turns out they were pictures […]

Learn To See

By the time a horse begins to vocalize (groan) with pain IF they ever do make noise at all their situation is life threatening. ¬†Noticing signs of pain , distress, and discomfort early on is vital in schooling and competition as well as horse keeping. Learn to see, not just look! Here are a few […]

Rune Stances

Another reason that I pursue the likelihood of Parzival learning about his lineage and responsibilities through Ecstatic Trance Postures (click here) is because there is an ancient esoteric use of body posture associated with the Runes whose principles are still in active practice.¬† Edred Thorsson’s book “Futhark” is admirable in its melding of history and […]

Ecstatic Trance Postures

Translations are always a challenge but here is an English version of Machado’s poem (click here) Having gotten Parzival to the Externsteine where he learns his true lineage, looks at the consequences of his actions, and finds his spiritual compass, I have to ask how these insights were precipitated.¬† Wolfram tells us that our protagonist […]

In the Esoteric Outhouse

“The most undervalued people that are among the most vital to the health of a community are the garbage men that clean up the trash and take care of the sewage Shamans are actually esoteric garbage men their primary responsibility is cleaning up the psychic sewage Joseph Earl Annon While I was seeking help with […]