What Doctors Can’t Do

A few years after my mercury detox, I began having discomfort in my right eye. When I went to see to optometrist, he said “It looks like your retina is detaching. Usually, this happens because of stress on the eyeball, and I can see the tension in the muscles around the eye. You must do a lot of meditation, because your eyes are actually very relaxed. The problem must be in the bone structure around the eye. Have you had any head injuries?’.

Being a highly suggestible person, I went home, got a hideous headache, and went back to the optometrist. He looked at my eye again and said “Well, the strain is off the retina. It looks like your eye socket is changing shape. I suggest you get some cranial sacral work done, because this is now out of my realm of expertise.”

Next, I went to see a massage therapist who had just left her job at a major head trauma unit in the Midwest. A woman of great integrity, she treated me once and then said, “People like you are why I quit my old job,and  I don’t have a medical team to support my work here.The symptoms you are having require a doctor and I suggest you go to the osteopathic doctor that specializes in cranial sacral work.’

I got into see the osteopathic doctor and listed my symptoms. He said ‘EIther you have a pituitary tumor, temporal lobe epilepsy or serious head trauma.” Since I had no insurance ( that is a a different post!) we agreed that he would work with me a few times and only if there was no improvement would I invest in an MRI and what ever other tests might be needed.

My money went to the hands on treatment. The lasting effect was a change in my eyeglass prescription. I went from 2.75 diopters of astigmatism in both eyes  to my current prescription of 2.25 in the left eye and .75 in the right eye. What got me through this was supportive medical professionals who respected my body’s healing efforts and honored their own limitations. Attitude is everything, and if either they or I had decided to interfere with my healing by suppressing symptoms I wold be infinitely worse off.

Not that it was an easy process. However, discomfort is information, and as long as I paid attention to the information my body was giving me, the situation was manageable. Ignoring the signals was not an option!

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