Who Can Be A Shaman?

Every so often, now that the first book in my series on the Rune Field is out, I take a look at how other people are relating to the Runes. I was recently reminded that one of my gifts appears to be an uncannily accurate but dismayingly contrary timing. I managed to get the first book on this series on the Rune field out just as there was a global resurgence of fascism, white supremacy and neo-Nazism.

So the contents of this post has been updated as of 02-21-2021 and reposted as

Confronting White Dude Shamanism

I do realize that talking about the sociopathic aspect of Norse culture is not going to make me any friends among those who idolize them. Since I have already made enemies who accuse me of being a Nazi by daring to write about my visionary experiences with the Rune Field, I figure I might as well balance the scales by making enemies on the other side of the divide. Besides, those who have the ability to help others but choose not to have made the truly terrible mistake of assuming that each of us stands alone when we humans are actually thoroughly interdependent communal beings.  

For those who are drawn to, called by, or curious about shamanic journeys into the visionary realms, a spiritual practice is essential to developing the ability to discern the difference between apophenic self-referential delusions and genuine perception. Yet, my own first-person criticism of the psychics, visionaries and shamanic practitioners I have crossed paths with is that all too many of them take great pride in divorcing themselves from even the idea of a spiritual practice, of inner clarity and self-examination.

Perhaps the corona virus is the kick in the pants we humans need. It is a retro virus that hijacks our own epigenetic transcription process to replicate itself. A vaccine for the corona virus is not going to prevent the next pandemic. It is not going to prevent the circumstances in which such diseases incubate and spread. To prevent pandemics of physical diseases, we need to recognize and transform the root causes of this global sickness of the human psyche that makes such fertile ground for them to spread.

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