The Precession of the North Pole

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While I am on my archeo-astronomical kick, one of my hypothesis is that the mythology around King Arthur is based on ancient northern European indigenous people tracking the precession of the Pole Star. So here are the stars that point out the North Pole at various times during the galactic year:

  • 16,000 bc Deneb in Cygnus is the tail of the Swan
  • The Swan Maiden is a recurrent mythological figure and many Neolithic sites are oriented towards Deneb
  • 12,000 bc Vega in Lyra is the  instrument of the Harpist of the Sea
  • The ancient and ubiquitous Harpist of the Sea calls summer out of winter and winter out of summer with his instrument
  •   9,000-4,300 North Pole is in the constellations of Hercules and Bootes with no outstanding stars
  • When the stars circle around the pole with no central star, the spinning wheel of fate is prevalent
  •   3,000 bc Thuban in Draco
  • Thuban in Draco is the mythological Dragon
  •   1,500 bc Kachab and Pherkad are guardians in Ursa Minor
  • LIght/Dark royal twins must subdue the dragon before Uther’s (the Bear’s) castle can be built
  •   2,000 ad the present North Star is Polaris in Ursa Major
  • King Arthur/Uther (the Bear) is the Once and Future King
  •   4,000 ad Alrai is the Shepard in Cepheus the King
  • Merlin is Arthur’s Shepard, growing younger as Arthur grows older
  •   7,000 ad Alderamin is the right arm of Cepheus the King
  • Lancelot is the King’s right arm who ends up with Guinevere, the Queen

Then the  cycle begins anew with the Swan Maiden, and Cygnus does indeed wear a crown. But once again, it’s all about waiting for the pesky details of  the complete mosaic to present themselves

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