My Hero

  • Etienne Beudant, “L’Ecuyer Mirobolant” (“the Fantastic Trainer”) was,
  • with Nuno Oliveira, the greatest rider of the 20th century.
  • He trained very complicated horses that were mostly rejects from the army
  • and turned them into objects of beauty
  • working in great lightness and performing amazingly complicated movements.


  • He is seen here on Mabrouk in what he called “Brilliant Piaffe”,
  • which I think is really a passage in place without the usual engagement of the piaffe.
  • followed the teachings of Baucher 2nd manner as described by the General Faverot de Kerbrech
  • and wrote several books, one of which was later translated in English (Cross Country and High School).
  • He was a complete rider, riding across country, in races, over fences, with the same horses
  • that he trained to the absolute highest level of complication of academic equitation.
  • He often performed racing and a high school presentation the same day,
  • as he did with Robertsart in a show in Algeria.
  • His trademark was the complete apparent freedom in which his horses moved
  • without ever loosing the correct position or total lightness of their contact (always on the snaffle).


Beudant at the extended trot with Robersart II


Beudant at the passage with Vallerine, his last training, when he was crippled by disease.


I am ecstatic to find JP Giacomini’s tribute to Beudant, an extraordinary man who overcame both his own and his horses’ physical limitations  with breath-takingly beautiful results .  He insisted that work out of doors across country was the essence of the horse and high school training was only a means of allowing that to ability to blossom under saddle. Truly worthy of emulation, he is an unsung hero of the horse.

I have added JP Giacomini’s video on his work with different types of horses performing high school movements to my ‘Leaping Like Locusts’ post. (click here)

(click for the beginning or here for more)


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