Domo Meets a Clicker

A tragedy in one-act:


  • Clicker (find the wiki definition  for clicker training  here)
  • Carrots
  • Round Pen
  • Domo (the horse)
  • Sara (me)

In theory I was well prepared to  introduce the clicker, but here is what happens when the non-theorist enters the picture:

Sara clicks the clicker.

Domo: Whazzat?

Sara offers a carrot.

Domo: Good carrot

Sara clicks the clicker.

Domo: You gotta problem there? Let me see.

Sara shows Domo the clicker.

Domo: I am a helpful kinda guy. Let me take care of that for you.

Sara lets Domo take the clicker with his mouth.

Domo maneuvers the clicker around till he has it properly placed between his front teeth.

Domo: Let’s see, you apply a little pressure and…

Domo spits out small bits of  plastic and metal.

Domo: Oh well, you never can tell with those people things… You gotta carrot?

Sara hands over a carrot and picks up the bits and pieces.

Domo watches, noses the bits in Sara’s hand, is clearly unimpressed.

Domo: What’s next?

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