The Rainbow Nation

I found this clip of Pete Seeger, political and social activist who  just died aged 94, and his grandson Tao Rodriquez singing together to be the best eulogy I could think of:

…sometimes what  is most important is to remember that we are truly one nation and one blood.


3 thoughts on “The Rainbow Nation

    • I had been in an online discussion with some ‘post-tribal’ neo-shamanic types who are insisting that the modern tribe is a whole bunch of people of the same age,stage and belief system when I came across Pete and Tao singing their life and love through and to the generations. Multi-cultural, multi-generational, multi-faceted altogether warm open hearted amazing people!

      • You nailed it! Great points Sara and I agree with you.

        One of he worse things we do to children is to round them up and make them spend 12 years together rather than time with their elders.

        Watching Pete and Tao gave me shivers!

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