Heliacal Risings

In looking for the astronomical anchor for the women’s side of the archeo-astronomical path of initiation, it occurred to me that the Morning Star is prominent in Revelations and there are twelve  gateways made of single pearls (stars) in the heavenly city. I thought that I’d take a look at the list of stars whose heliacal risings  the ancient astronomers tracked.


That it should be so easy.

Even though academics agree that the Egyptians were not the only ones who had a star clock  called the ‘decans’ that tracked 36 different stars as they rose over the horizon, it turns out the only star whose helical rising current astronomers agree was important in the past  is Sirius although the occasional historian does mention the Pleiades.  So it’s back to the books and a long wandering internet search linking myths, astronomical observations,  medieval star lists, and the like. It is a bit of a mind bender as contemporary astronomers seem to be more interested in evening stars than morning stars while astrologers quit looking at the actual stars centuries ago.  Our solar system also moves approx 1 degree every 72 years against the backdrop of stars, a cycle also known as the Great Year (72 solar years times 360 degrees equals 26,000 solar years) so assuming I can get a grip on what was happening then, I’ll have to update to what is happening now with an eye to what will be happening in the future…

So I am greatly appreciative of the information on this site:


If I start with the star named for the protagonist of Revelations, Hamal or the Lamb, in the constellation of Ares, and keep in mind Revelations starts out describing a group of three jewels in the heaven, that brings me to this equilateral triangle of stars originally in the astrological Fire houses :

  • Hamal in Ares as the carnelian lamb
  • Thuban in Draco as the winding opalescent  dragon
  • Facies in Sagittarius as the aquamarine action of the bow

Currently I am reading this group as the Peaceweavers and the Three Fates. The Hamal as the lamb supplies the wool, Thuban is the spindle staff of the (then current) North Pole and Facies is the action of the bow that spins the threads.

Looking for nine more stars as near to 30 degrees apart as I could find and also grouping them as the points of  equilateral triangles gets me the following in Water houses:

  • Han  in Ophiuchus as the Preceding One /Death
  • Alganib in Pegasus as the Horse’s wing or shoulder
  • Praeseape in Cancer as the Crib or Manger

These three stars could only be the Valkries who follow death on winged steeds and carry the fallen to the realms of the dead. The Air houses are truly key, the Announcer is the Seeress or Prophetess who empties hersef that she may be filled with divine knowledge.

  • Mirzam in Canis Major as the Announcer
  • Nusukan in Corona Borealis as the Pauper’s Bowl
  • Situla in Aquarius as the Water Bucket

And I wind up with these stars in Earth houses, who are the Cup Bearers, making the wine and crowning the new King of the land so that all will prosper.

  • Hyades in Taurus as the Wine making sisters
  • Diadem in Berenice as the Lady’s Crowning Jewels
  • Abali in Aquarius as the Good Fortune of the Drinker

There is definitely a story here that I’ll be filling out as the pieces come to me. Especially if I can figure out what’s behind these figures:

  • 1260 days divided by 12 pearly  gates just happens to coincide with the shortest mercury synodic cycle of 105 days
  • 1260 days divided by 5 horseman just happens to coincide with the 252 day Venus cycle
  • 1260 days divided by 7  luminaries just happens to coincide with the 180 days between Zenial passages of the Sun at the equator

Now that I know that Revelations is the most recent addition to the Christian canon, added to the Bible about 400 ad, well after the Councils of Nicaea finished up their politically corrected version of Christian dogma, I have to wonder what the sociopolitical scene was at the time.  400 ad is about the same time that the Hieronymites went from power to sudden obscurity only to recreate themselves in the 14th century….

I still don’t know where the rest of  Revelation’s stones fit in… but I’ll resurface eventually with and great respect for the ancient star-masters!

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