I’ve Got A Feeling

Fine horsemanship has been considered a spiritual practice for countless ages so a synonym for ‘feeling’ in horsemanship  might be ‘mindfulness’ in Buddhist practice.  Horses are naturally mindful, they are incredibly aware of and responsive to us and our awareness of them. They are also, like our emotional feelings and our physical perceptions, non-verbal.

To feel your horse is to be mindful of your horse. The more mindful, the more aware, you are of every nuance of your horse and the quicker and more precisely you respond to them, the better the ‘feel’ you have. Once you have a good feel for your horse, and you want a horse to do something, all you have to do is ask, clearly and politely.

Listen and ask with your body, not your verbal mind.  It takes time to process perceptions and respond to them.  Trying to put what you feel into words before you respond to the horse really slows your process and so your responses down.  And, since the horse isn’t talking, the more time you spend talking to yourself inside your head, the more and more out of sync you will be with your mount. If you need a word to get out of this loop, think pantomime:

  • a movement of the body or limbs that expresses or emphasizes an idea or feeling
  • a way of expressing information or telling a story without words by using body movements and facial expressions

Sometimes the words and the pantomime do come together though and that is a great feeling:


I’ve got a feeling, a feeling deep inside
Oh yeah, oh yeah, that’s right
I’ve got a feeling, a feeling I can’t hide
No no no, oh no, oh no
Yeah yeah I’ve got a feeling yeah



Oh please believe me, I’d hate to miss the train
Oh yeah, yeah, oh yeah
And if you leave me I won’t be late again
Oh no, oh no, oh no
Yeah yeah I’ve got a feeling yeah
I’ve got a feeling



All these years I’ve been wandering around
Wondering how come nobody told me
All that I was looking for was somebody
Who looked like you



I’ve got a feeling, that keeps me on my toes
Oh yeah, oh yeah
I’ve got a feeling, I think that everybody knows
Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah
Yeah yeah I’ve got a feeling yeah

You have a lot of company on this road, so do remember:

  • Everybody had a hard year
  • Everybody had a good time
  • Everybody had a wet dream
  • Everybody saw the sunshine
  • Oh yeah, (oh yeah) oh yeah, oh yeah
  • Everybody had a good year
  • Everybody let their hair down
  • Everybody pulled their socks up
  • Everybody put their foot down
  • Oh yeah
  • Yeah I’ve got a feeling
  • A feeling deep inside
  • Oh yeah
  • (repeat)

Lyrics are from the Beatles’ “I’ve Got a Feeling”


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