Hope Dawns

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The contents of this post have been integrated into my series

Rune Stances and Creation Stories

I hope to have the first volume out this fall (2018)

As I approach the last doorway in Parzival’s journey, I have reviewed the blogs that follow my own journey and cleaned up my old posts a bit.  Since the hard drive on my computer is threatening imminent collapse. I also managed to get a few more photos uploaded.To take look click here.

Since we are upon the last of the four Blood Moon eclipses, I decided it was a good time to share the 2012  version of the rune inscription I was introduced in 2003 at the Externsteine. an unusual rock formation in  Westphalia,Germany. The inexplicable changes in the Rune Inscription at the Externsteine  (click here) have been a decisive influence in the stories that I have been posting. While three runes had changed between 1992 and 2003, eight runes changed between 2003 and 2012. This version of the inscription, like Parzival’s Quest, outlines a hopeful prediction of positive change.

2012 runerock

Photo by Annette Frederking. Her website is: http://www.annette-frederking.de

We had to dampen the rock for this photograph in order to get the runes to stand out in the photo. I have hopes that visitors to the Externsteine would keep an ongoing photographic record. Perhaps we can see steps in the process of change. I read the runes from the top down, and from left to right and from following the structure of the outcropping.

The first column now reads:

The universal breath

within mankind

lights the spark

The second column now says:

within the songs

within the rhythms

that connect heaven and earth

The third column now says:

as the stars dance

our inmost desire

is sent forth

and the fourth column says:


 the inspiration that

resonates above and below

the fifth column still reads:



in the heavens

but the sixth column now reads:

then takes root on earth

as our destiny


 click for more


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