The Eighth Door and the Horses of the Mist

“Thus Charlemagne,
emperor and king of the Franconians
and Defender of Roman Popes,
is to be the one who will destroy our old world.
But finally, when his God,
his Rome and his Popes will fade
in their glamour and terror,
people will start to remember
what he has robbed us of. “

A Prophecy of Germanic Shamans,
p. 94, Osning – The Externsteine.
The discreet sanctuary of Germany
and the lost roots of European culture
by U. Henze, Neue Erde 2006

This last doorway on Parzival’s journey is all about connecting the realms, making sure that harmonious relationships are established between heaven and earth, Sun and Moon, within and without, and between individuals.  I have a lot more to write on this door, but real life issues are calling for my attention and I do not know when I will be back on line. Still, I have had so many synchronicities, I wanted to get this much posted and leave you with an especially touching example. Neither the timing nor the image could be any better as the Eighth Door in Parzival’s quest opens when the Moon occults the Royal Star Regulus in the constellation we call Leo near the Fall Equinox and we are now passing through the 2015 Fall Equinox , as well as completing the last of the four Blood Moon tetrad of eclipses.

Here is a photo by TJ Holmes of the September 28, 2015 Blood Moon Eclipse, and one of the Spring Creek mustangs. Individuals among the Spring Creek Basin wild horses in Colorado do show the rare and distinctive structure of the Spanish hip, which indicates that they are descendants of the first horses brought to North America by the Spanish.

Sundance under the lunar eclipse.

Sundance under the lunar eclipse.

I have been struggling with this Eighth Door since beginning this journey of the Moon and Stars, because despite the extraordinary qualities of Wolfram’s ubiquitous Grail Horses in his tale, I could not find their counterpart in the heavens. My dilemma may have been resolved by an amateur astronomer, Josef Krem, from Bavaria who has just recently matched the patterns of the bright stars in the constellation we now call Leo with the patterns laid out by the chalk lines of the 3400-year-old White Horse of Uffington in England. The details of the form are not only unique among the chalk horses of the area, its distinctive pattern graces many of the coins of the Iron Age.


Although its abstract nature has made many question whether or not it was intended to represent a horse, the fact that it overlooks the Vale of the White Horse and the Manger valley, and has been referred to as a White Horse for centuries are indications that support its horsey-ness. The image faces to the right, is 374 feet long, and the lines of the horse are made of deep trenches filled with crushed chalk that require regular clearing to remain visible.That it was an integral part of the indigenous peoples mystical world view is substantiated by its location near the Uffington Castle, the chalk Dragon Hill with an artificially flattened top associated with St George, and the terracing known as the Giant’s Stairs. The nearby Blowing Stone, a Saracen standing stone with holes in it that can produce a musical note when blown through is also thought to have originated near the horse.

Regulus itself is brilliant blue-white star that sits within 3o of the ecliptic, and is practically on the horizon in the far north. Close but never quite touching down is the essence of one of the stories of Rhiannon, the Horse Goddess. While her Horse of the Sea may bring her near the shore, she cannot actually set foot on land without the aid of her suitor.  Regulus may occasionally be occulted by Venus and Mercury as well as the Moon and serendipitously, Venus, Mars and Jupiter were also near the star this month.


Use the waning crescent moon to locate the planets Venus, Mars and Jupiter on September 9, September 10 and September 11. The green line depicts the ecliptic – the sun’s path in front of the constellations of the Zodiac. Thanks to:

Although I cannot find much documentation on the history of the Horses of the Mist, I did find these verses from Taliesin:

From a flood wide spreading.
The first surging billow
Has rolled over the sea-beach.

I know not for a refuge
Around the proud circle of heaven,

There will come yet
Over the ebb and over the strand,
Four chief sovereignties,
And the fifth not worse.
Men vehement, extensive.
Over Prydain (their) purpose.
Women shall be eloquent,
Strangers shall be captive,
A torrent of longing
For mead and horsemanship.

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