Post-Lightning Strike Update

I have not been posting much about my pain/health issues mostly because having gotten into the western medical insurance system, I do get access to the oh-so-expensive diagnostic tests that are basically priced out of reach of the uninsured, but I also get the mainstream medicine chronic pain whammy.  Seeing that yep, things are actually as bad as I thought, maybe worse, is depressing enough:

  • Post lightning strike eye exam shows yep, lightning cooked my damaged cornea and I now have an incipient cataract in my left eye
  • Dental x-rays show that yep, lightning cooked the adhesive holding the crowns in my teeth. Replacing them will cost around $10,000 which is NOT covered by insurance and I do not have, and letting them fall out or pulling teeth is not really an option because
  • the neurology appointment is next to see what is happening inside my head  as just losing one crown made my skull so unstable that the entire right side of my body was curling up and not working. I am not fond of waking up as Lurch.
  • the thyroid scan shows weird growths and the biopsy will decide whether part or all comes out as thyroid cancer is rampant in my family of origin
  • but that surgery means I have to find a doctor to address the bone-chips/bloody acidic serum/pussy discharge down BOTH trigeminal nerves into my mouth because the lightning cooked the scar tissue in my head and my body is desperate to get it all OUT.
  • and my liver issues which look like fatty liver deposits on the ultrasound but act like gallstones and utterly screw up my liver function because lightning cooked the scar tissue and fatty deposits in my liver as well and my body is desperate to get rid of all that as well.
  • And the one prescription I’ve found that actually helps, low-dose-naltrexone– is not covered, despite the fact that it is inexpensive, effective, and has minimal side effects

But it also turns out I am not alone in STILL being told that my symptoms are impossible:

Doctors Blamed This Model’s Pain on Her Weight But She Actually Had Cancer

Taking a witness into the primary care doctors office on our first go-round did get me the referrals and tests I needed, but the only good thing I can say about the follow-up appointment was that shortly afterwards I got a call saying the (female) doctor had resigned from the practice. I was glad to hear it as I had had to write-up my side of the appointment, take it in and stand there insisting that it get added to my record to get my actual symptoms, history, and situation even noticed. She basically told me that I could not be experiencing the symptoms I had and was offended that I declined elective gallbladder surgery, statins, and the low-fat high-carb diet she wanted to prescribe despite the fact that they were

  1. at best irrelevant, even contraindicated, given my genetic quirks*, my symptoms, and my  test results and
  2. she herself told me they were controversial protocols and had shown themselves to benefit fewer folks (less than 50%) than the placebo effect.

She even endeavored to guilt me into complying by stamping her feet and crying that ‘she just wanted to help’ and mean old uncooperative me was just blowing her whole day by insisting that her treatment protocols actually have some relevance to my health issues.

I keep going back to Hippocrates ‘First do no harm’ and wondering just what is going on with the mainstream medical mindset.

* I’m one of the 20% of Americans who genetically lack the ability to methylize biological compounds, especially fats. Meaning, among other issues, my body has a very hard time making myelin sheathing for nerves, and pregnenolone, the precursor to all sex, stress,  and steroid hormones. I also don’t digest or assimilate carbohydrates well, whether grains, greens, or veggies, which has led to some really bad wilted lettuce salad jokes.

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