Greed or Maia’s Blind Increase

%When through strong unconscious tendencies

I wander in samsara (confusion)

On the luminous light path

Of innate wisdom%

Recognizing, nurturing, and replicating the spark of life that survives our Sloth is the realm of the Fifth Pleiadian Sister, Maia the Great, the Beautiful, the Increaser.  The lesson Maia teaches is that exactly what increases is entirely up to us and the Greeks reminded themselves of the dangers of Greed in their story of the Midas touch. King Midas wished to be rich beyond measure and was overjoyed when he received the gift of turning anything he touched into gold. It was not until he realized that his touch turns everything he comes in contact with into gold that he recognized his mistake. He could neither eat or drink because food and water turned to gold, and he collapsed in despair when his touch turns his beloved daughter into a golden statue.

Regarding this easily distorted search to acquire spiritual gifts, Matthew Woods notes that:

There are many people

who want to possess

otherworldly powers and abilities.

Without a searching eye

these would be worthless.

 As a matter of fact

they would obscure useful thought.

First we must look at the arena of the ordinary world

where everything of true significance is already taking place.

When we can see what is special here,

we are ready to receive otherworldly gifts.

The alchemists always said that the philosopher’s stone

was made of the most common earth.

This transformed into something incomprehensible to earthly thought.

Pages 83-84 Seven Herbs by Matthew Wood

In the deterministic  materialistic Newtonian view most of us are raised  in it is ridiculous to even consider the possibility that the attitude we take into our prayers affects how the physical world around us moves and manifests.  The key phenomena that this reductionist worldview that underlies both our politics and our commerce has swept under the rug because it does not fit into their linear mathematical model is that:

  • increasing the growth rate drives order into chaos over time

This happens because growth is nonlinear process and its various parts may compete, or cooperate, or take their own path, and so the whole may be more, less, or different from the sum of its parts.  Learning to predict how the whole system could react to changes takes us right back to chaos theory and it turns out that, yes, there are patterns found in the chaos of growth.   While snapshots, static images, of fractals are hypnotizingly attractive to our human eyes, we are temporal creatures, and even that act of looking changes how time (chaos) and space (fractals) intersect in our lives. The growth of living systems are an active process we are engaged in, not a static image and fractal processes are not based on averaging a finite number of variations from a fixed value.  They are exponential processes infinitely replicating their particular geometrical pattern over time. This allows seemingly minuscule changes to escalate forcing us humans to look at all that our materialistic deterministic worldview sweeps under the rug.

When our grasping  of a finite bit of the fractal process that sustains our lives and holding it hostage is infinitely replicated, it has a devastating effect on the world around us. The possessions the Deadly Sin of Greed amasses do not sustain either the soul or the community. Greed might be better understood now under its psychological label of Hoarding. We hoard because we see material goods as finite and static, unchanging.  We think more we have of a limited supply the better off we are.  However, once we have changed the self-replicating pattern from exponential increase to exponential stasis, our wealth collapses.  For most, this is a shocking and unexpected consequence. And worst of all, one we cannot change unless and until we are willing to look at what and how our intentions and actions manifest.

Once we have come to grips with chaos, once we have befriended the Trickster, we can consider how we can possibly influence the fractal processes of our lives. Seeking  the source of the original pattern so that we can change can only be done by withdrawing our attention from its infinite manifestations. Mathematically, this is the realm of quantum physics, where there are only probabilities and uncertainties.  However, if we watch how the field of our attention affects our own fractal processes, the infinite replication of our intentions and action, we can begin to influence them.

This field of attention is described as a well for a reason, however.  The chaos of manifestation is nonlinear so the field of our attention must have depth as well as length and width, and it takes time for the patterns most likely manifest to come clear to us. Although the visible ripples of our intentions are fleeting and rare, they concentrate possibilities around themselves, creating ‘quantum scars’ that stabilize the patterns of our intention so that they may self-replicate and eventually make themselves manifest.

While deterministic Newtonian science scoffs at the mere idea of ability to predict the effects of our intentions on the outer realm, prognostication is not limited to seers and diviners.   We do exercise the ability every time we combine our sense of proprioreception, where we are in space, with our vision of where we would like to go and how we want to get there.  Our every physical move depends on our ability to predict the effects of our intentions on our environment. In a chaotic universe it is an inherent ability arising naturally out of the exponential replication of our inner fractal processes.

The fifth generation in Genesis is the seer Isaac who dwells by ‘The Well of Living and Seeing’.  And it is he who can recognize the patterns inherent in chaos of our lives. All parts of the Tree (click here) are self-similar, so that perceiving the true nature of the microcosm allows the Seer to predict the behavior of the macrocosm.  We close ourselves off from this knowledge when we attempt to reduce it to its constituent parts and control it. Conversely, if we would gain the ability to see the patterns in chaos, Like Isaac’s father Abraham, we must live according to our vision.

The imagination cannot be wooed by

Mental techniques

And shows of strength.

Anything that smacks of

Preconception or mental control

Will ruin its free flow.

What it autonomously brings to the surface

Will not be able to come out

under forced conditions.

Therefore there is only one way

To win the imagination

And that is to learn

To let go and grab hold

In the right proportions

In our outer lives.

When our lessons

Are lived out in this theatre

The interior life follows suit-

the one being the perfect reflection

of the other.

Only by the impeccability of our efforts

Could this faculty be won.

Page 88 Seven herbs by Matthew Wood

It is not only clarity of perception requires that we still our mind and wordlessly observe, quietude is essential to the process of purposeful manifestation. Practical skills for the seer include:

  • observation
  • memory
  • pattern recognition
  • extrapolation
  • relaxation

Making sure that you see and remember what is actually there is the key to genuine change.  If you allow a fleeting  view to trigger old stories, then you will be repeating the same old same old infinitely.  Once you are able see clearly a particular pattern and extrapolate from it, you must be able to relax and let it go if you wish to continue to see the present truly, never mind the future.  If you want to create a future, keep in mind that Maya the Increaser is as blind as justice should be.  She will increase whatever you put your time, attention, heart, and work into.

click for the Seven Sisters, for notes on trance states, and for next


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