The Baffled Blogger

I have had to abandon most advice about how a blog should perform because mine follows its own logic. For instance, I often get more readers when I have not posted for some time. Some posts also have a life of their own. Citrinitas and Rubedo is one that gets looked at every couple of days, making it one of my top three most viewed posts. But for the life of me, I have not been able to figure out why, since search terms that bring people to the blog are for the most part noted as ‘unknown’.

From my blog statistics, it is usually a one time deal. Some one comes, takes a look, ignores the plentiful  links included, and goes on their merry way. So I was delighted when a link showed up. It seems at least one woman found the post thought-provoking, which is very encouraging to the writer. Check out  Vancouver artist Louise Bunn’s interview here.

Thanks Louise!


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