Looking into E-publishing

It has been an interesting couple of months here in real life.  My health has its own story as usual, and has been taking up way to much of my time. And my excursion into the realms of fly-by-night publishers has been quite educational. I was contemplating how difficult it is to tell how much of what such types say is actually based on reality and what is their own wishful thinking, and what is just a flat out con when I realized that the reason fly-by-night publishers are so short-lived may be because they believe their own tall tales.

At any rate, my publisher and I came to a parting of the ways when I was informed that the best market for my books was as texts for the various college level equine science programs that have sprung up of late and could I have the first three volumes finished by the time the next semester started in September. I was willing to give that a try, but the next demand floored me. I don’t like anatomy, the publisher said, so talking about how to integrate the findings of James R. Rooney’s The Lame Horse into schooling your horse is a no go.

Now James R. Rooney DVM is actually the guy that started the whole move towards looking into the bio-mechanics of the horse way back in 1974 when he published The Lame Horse. That book  made the forces behind lameness accessible to the average horse owner.  Rooney died in 2008,  but he was Professor  Emeritus of the University of Kentucky, Diplomat Emeritus, author of 8 peer reviewed texts on equine orthopedics and pathology that are still in use,  and international clinician, researcher, and renowned authority.

My thinking is that Rooney’s track record and his unequivocal stance as an advocate of the horse trumps ‘ I do not like anatomy’ and if my work has any chance of ending up in an equine science program, those students should at least know how to start and where to look for information on how to keep their horses sound. So I am looking into e-publishing  on my own. I hope to get the first two volumes out this fall, but there is definitely a learning curve when it comes to preparing a manuscript for distribution over the web.

The good thing is that I do have total control over my work ‘ WHEW’ .

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2 thoughts on “Looking into E-publishing

  1. Thank you for sticking to your guns. The publisher must not be a rider. How can you honestly ask your horse for something that is difficult for them if you don’t understand what he has to do to get himself there. And if more riders understood anatomy, there would probably be fewer lame horses since we would begin to realize that some of the things we ask for, or the way in which we ask for them, is antithetical to how the horse is designed to move.
    Hang in there!

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