Equine Sports Medicine

When I rode shotgun with my vet as a horse handler a long time back, I was considering going to vet school. After seeing what people did to their horses either out of ignorance or callousness I decided that I could not handle meeting horses after they had been injured. Prevention seemed a much more rewarding path.

Reading James Rooney’s the Lame Horse made the idea of having a vet that was trained to prevent injuries and help condition horses correctly come roaring back onto my wish list. So, while writing my series on horse training, I have been privately bemoaning the lack of sports medicine minded equine veterinarians out there.

I had a happy surprise today while cruising the internet.  In 2010 an American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation was founded and interested vets can get certification, education, and support.  Which they will do if they know that their clients are interested in them developing that specialty. Spread the news and tell your local vet you want them to polish up their know-how in equine sports medicine.


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