Riding the Wind Horse

One solicitation for advertising I received was the offer to promote me as an animal psychic.  This made me a bit nervous mind as accomplished horsemanship might look a lot like mind reading, but it is actually more along the lines of mindfulness.

I am actually quite adamant that horses read bodies wondrously well, but or verbal minds not so much. And being clear headed enough to be absolutely and consistently attentive to your horse and your own body takes practice.  The horse training books I have found most helpful include challanging words like assiduous labor and onerous obligations when describing what it takes to excel on horseback. In other words, if you are not willing to work at it, you will never be good at it.

So I did  do a search on both my manuscripts and my blog to see just where this psychic classification might come from.  I was secretly a bit relieved to have the search come back with no results for psychic in the horse training sector.

Where the word psychic did show up was in my blogs on shamanism and visionary practices.So I took a deep breath and decided to consider what the similarities between spirituality, visionary practrices and horsemanship might be.

Apparently, our ancestors realized that both practices required similar skills. Riding either your physical horse or your  esoteric Wind Horse requires developing your own self awareness and gain an understanding of the consequences of your own actions. In many esoteric traditions both the breath and the steady beat of the drum or rattle are described as Wind Horses that carry the practitioner from material realms of our consensual reality to the mysterious and illusive alternate realities of the visionary experience

One line of posts in this blog is my experiences with the living field of the runes. The runes showed up in my dreams and vision demanding to be told as a story of creation nearly twenty years ago. I have done my best to comply and it has been an interesting journey.

I have been postponing turning those blogs into books because I keep thinking that I need to have some sense of completion in my own journey and process. But, as I get closer to finishing the horse-training books, the runes have started showing up my dreams once more, wanting their story heard.

I am feeling pushed to share my questions and my process, not my answers. So here is a working outline of my take on the Rune Stances and Creation Stories series so far.

  • Volume 1- Fire and Rain, Answering the Rune’s Call
  • Volume 2- Fate and Free Will, Gifts from the Three
  • Volume 3- A Year and a Day, Star Crossed Lovers’ Paths

Like the horse training series (click here), these are shorter volumes with each one focused on the how-to and the why-to of a fairly narrow focus. Long days and relentless editing of what I have already have written will get an e- book ready sooner by the calendar than a reasonable schedule that allows me time to have a life as well as write. How much I get done depends on my health as well as my push to get the horse training series finished. I hope to have these three volumes ready by this summer, but I will have to see how it goes.


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