The Gymnastic Circle is online!

My second horse book, The Gymnastic Circle, has been out for a few weeks now. Here is the link:



I do have the next four books on starting both horse and rider on mounted work in the pipeline. However, I was reviewing Vladimir Littauer’s book Commonsense Horsemanship this spring when he stopped me dead in my track. He wrote that he thought the very accomplished American rider Brigadier General Harry Chamberlin was lying when he said that he always knew where all of his horse’s legs were and what they were doing.

Littauer went on to say that he was motivated to work on his own riding until he experienced the same sense of oneness with his horse, but I have to consider the probability that my books may have a fair number of readers who feel the same way. In fact I expect that most people simply cannot believe it is possible to feel what their horse is doing that clearly until they experience it for themselves. Much like teaching a kid their abc’s, I want to make sure that all the elements of an equestrian alphabet are clear so that horse and rider can figure out how to communicate with each other.

People do not learn to love reading just because someone dumps the classic s on their desk. They learn to love reading because someone who loves reading shares what learning the alphabet has to offer with them. That sense of oneness changes the whole horse/human relationship, even if it is only possible to maintain it for a fleeting moment.

Motivating my readers to work on their riding by offering a window to the possibilities that establishing correct basics will open without overloading either rider or the horse with too much detail too soon is my goal.


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