Going Green

I do have ask myself why I am willing to bend over and trim a horse’s hooves when I do not even consider bending over to make my bed because it hurts too much. Of course, my bed does not stand around with its ears half-mast and fine silent lines of pain creasing the soft skin above its nostrils and eyelids. Nor does it dance about joyfully for days after I am finished.

One of the principles I live by is that when offered the chance to relieve another living being’s pain and discomfort, I take it. Relieving my own pain and discomfort is a whole other matter. I occasionally think that I am deluding myself by thinking that clearing out one cause of pain, like having the sliver of plastic I carried around in my body most of my life work its way out (click here) , should make me feel better.

As it turns out, it has not. After ripping loose more old scar tissue by trimming horse hooves, I had been feeling exceptionally achy and tense and generally miserable for days. Scar tissue is usually more acidic than healthy tissue and tends to carry a negative electrical charge. It does not metabolize properly as a result, so it is not only slow to heal but metabolic toxins build up. When it breaks down, those toxins are released for the body to process all at once.

I know this and account for it, but none of my usual remedies were alleviating any of my discomfort. In fact, I was having to concentrate on the basics. For most people, intake of food and water and output of waste is automatic. It is not so much for me. I have had to focus on what and how and when I eat, whether or not I absorb any of it, and how to get it moving on through for most of my life.

A quarter of a million units of Lipase plus amylase and protease helps now, but I am still having to encourage my liver and guts to keep functioning by burning moxa on the pertinent acupuncture points on my belly. Moxa are cigar-like rolls of mullein leaves that are used to warm acupuncture points as part of the millennium old traditions of Oriental Medicine.

Adding a bit of heat to keep my life fires burning did get stagnating material my body had stashed in my damaged tissues moving.  In fact, whatever toxins my body had been hoarding moved well enough that I was startled to find turquoise green and copper sulfate blue in the toilet bowl for several mornings. I was startled enough that I had a true Western medical practitioner reaction and found myself declaring that what I saw was impossible.

I have dealt with heavy metal toxicity before having had thirteen perfectly fine molars unnecessarily filled with the cheapest possible mercury compound by a dentist that was eventually busted by Medicaid for fraud. Mercury poisoning and then detox with DMPs was no picnic. Then I had releases of nickel and silver black when I started taking nattokinase to breakdown fibrin so I could bring my myofascial pain syndrome into a more manageable state.

But copper?  I had copper deficiency anemia as a kid and DMPs preferentially binds to copper and zinc as well as mercury. I thought of myself as leaning towards copper deficiencies rather than copper toxicities.

Then I realized that copper toxicity was entirely possible. I had spent  a couple of years in Bisbee, Arizona  just before coming back to Santa Fe in 2008. Bisbee is the site of one of the world’s largest open pit copper mines and the water is full of copper. I had carefully bought filtered water to drink and cook with, like most people in the town.

I first considered if washing myself and my clothes in unfiltered water was enough to give me such an overload of copper.  Then I had to knock myself upside the head. I had assumed that because the Bisbee water dispenser claimed to be filtered and someone came by once in a while to certify that filter that what came out was actually free of copper.

The amount of copper in Bisbee water and the volume of water sold could easily and rapidly overwhelm most water filters even if they were of the right type and replaced regularly. If there was any laxity in keeping the filters changed, the water was not anywhere near as filtered as claimed.

I am not going quite such a brilliant green, anymore, but I am still producing more colorful output than my current diet can explain. Chances are I consumed a lot more copper than I realized. And copper toxicity actually helps explain why I have had such a hard time managing my various recalcitrant health issues, including hypothyroidism.

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