Gleaming Grulla

It is May in New Mexico. We do have some green, although very little of it is grass. But the Choctaw Princess is hard at work keeping the weeds under control. Except for the noxious invasive Sahara mustard weed. Apparently it might serve as condiment occasionally, but she does not actually consider it food.And apparently not much else does either as there are no currently available biological controls.

The horse is finishing shedding out. Her summer coat is coming in as a gleaming gunmetal grey.  Which makes me realize just how dull and rough her winter coat was.

You can see that her front hooves are finally taking their right shape (click here). The slope of her pastern is the same as the angle of her hoof. It only took adding over an inch of length to her toe and taking over an inch of her heels. The diameter of her sole is still about five inches, but her toe is now 4 and 1/2 inches from coronet to ground instead of three. I do not know where the fad of the hoof shaped like a tin can came from, but will be glad when farriers remember that the outside of the hoof should reflect the bone structure and biomechanics inside the hoof.

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