Skunk Funk and other Irritating Issues

I decided to pull some of the Saharan Mustard weeds taking over because they are a) easy to pull up and b) each plant produces 10,000 seeds and c) that is currently the only way to manage the noxious invasive green things. Problem is I ended up pulling loose a bunch of adhesions in my diaphragm and pericardium and tore more scar tissue loose in my head and liver. Enough to send me into acidosis and make things bleed where there should not be blood.That makes it hard to eat and breath and think and I tend to get grumpy and anti-social.

Then I had a skunk decide to fumigate under my trailer. Being gassed out of my own bedroom in the middle of the night was bad enough, but then I had to crawl around and find the holes the skunk had dug under the siding so I could shine bright lights through them. I have kept them out successfully for several years by leaving trouble light on under the trailer. They like it dark so a brightly lit underside has discouraged them.

So I should not have been surprised when I also found that some of the insulation under the trailer has come loose enough, probably with more than a little help from the skunk, to make a nice dark warm snug hidey hole directly beneath my bed. Finding some one who will crawl under the trailer and fix such things is hard enough without any skunk encounters, so first order of affairs is to discourage Ms. Skunk from setting up house.

Second is surviving the citrus oil I put out to clear the air inside my trailer. It does break down the skunk oil quickly and thoroughly. But intense orange oil essence is nearly as hard on my sinuses and lungs as skunk funk.And my body was not at all happy with my deciding to crawl around on my hands and knees on hard gravelly stuff. So I may continue to be cranky and anti-social a bit longer…

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