Bay Laurel, Fatty Liver and Lab Tests

I am currently on an early to bed ( because I am too miserable to function) and early to rise (because I am too miserable to stay in bed) schedule. All because apparently my liver/pancrease/diaphragm have decided that they will clear all the obstructions, toxins and adhesions of my entire lifetime right now. I am doing my best not to complain, because for the first time in a decade my blood tests for liver function all came back NORMAL.

I have been able to keep the results on the high and low edges of normal with herbs and diet and acupuncture, but that takes a lot of my time and money and concentration. This mid-range utterly normal result in spite of my total burnout on the medical industry in general and my own chronic health issues in particular is a bit of a surprise. I am not doing anything differently….

Except for my encounter with Mr. Laplante, the spirit of the California Bay Laurel tree. I was not expecting such an immediate confirmation that my inner oil pumps were working fine now or for that confirmation to come in the mundane form of lab test results. I have not even taken any more of the tincture.

Although I have handled a few seeds that Matt Wood sent me. I figure the best thanks I can give to the plant spirit is to grow a few of them. So I have passed the seeds out to plant lovers to see if they will grow here in NM. It might be too cold and dry here for them to thrive, so I have put my own seeds in a pot where I can bring them inside for the winter. Since California Bay Laurel can take up to six months to germinate, now I get to exercise patience in a whole other direction.

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