Lightning Fried My Eyeballs

The technical term is vitreous degeneration which means the purple jelly inside the eyeball which should be about the consistency of a raw egg yolk is becoming more like one that has been cooked. I should not be surprised since lightning cooked all the adhesive in my crowns, but But the result of heating up the inside of the eyeball is that it shrinks and tears away from the outer covering.

Hence bleeding into the eye itself and numerous floaters since the end of July and general anxiety about being able to see in the future. And typing in the computer has to obviously dropped way down on my must-do list. I am finally beginning get a grip on whats happening and why and what I can do to minimize more problems. And when my head and my eyes hurt less I’ll get some of that story written down and posted.

Because, as usual Western medicine does not have a lot to offer, but herbs and cranial sacral therapy etc have made the difference between ripping loose my retina and minimizing the damage….

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