White Privilege and the Post Office

Amidst the uproar about mail-in voting, the media has overlooked one fundamental factor. Whites in this country take having having an address for granted. Whites in this country take having access to US mail services for granted.

Eliminating postal services in rural, indigenous and poor suburban and urban neighborhoods has been underway for decades. Here is an article from South Dakota:

‘Reservation residents depend upon their local post offices to keep their mailed medicines and Social Security, veterans’ benefit and other checks safe. They do their business at the post office, buying money orders to pay their monthly expenses. Customers of the Allen, Manderson and Wounded Knee post offices frequently walk long distances or wait days to use precious gas to collect their mail.

Now, those same people are staggered by the news that the U.S. Postal Service has placed the three post offices on a list of almost 3,700 post offices under review for possible closings. Eighty small post offices across South Dakota are on the list, including 11 on or near reservations.’

It is time to make the Post Office insurance that ALL of us, can participate in the constitional republic of the United States of America once again.

2 thoughts on “White Privilege and the Post Office

  1. I am sorry to say that this does not surprise me. A couple of years ago I read “One Person No Vote” It details just this sort of thing and how the underprivileged, the people of color, the indigenous people are systematically robbed of their ability to register to vote and to exercise their democratic right to vote.

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