Living with Lingering Covid-19 Symptoms

When I had my DNA sequenced, I decided to go with Helix. Helix works with the National Geographic and the Mayo Clinic, so they do a very complete job of sequencing. And they asked me if I wanted to participate in their DNA studies, insted of assuming my genetic info was theirs to mine and sell to big pharma.

I said yes, so they sent me a Covid-19 survey this spring. I filled it out, like many of their other customers. And they sent me an update on their findings. A whole lot of people are reporting a whole lot of lingering symptoms from Covid-19. Click here for the Helix report.

But mainstream medicine is ignoring these findings. Insurance companies and big pharma have decided on a set duration and definition for the disease and they do not care if denying the reality of the infection kills people (click here).. That leaves far too many people faced with Procrustean* medical care.

But this evening you can join a panel of herbalists discussing living with the lingering symptoms of long-term Covid-19 based on their personal experience. The date is September 13th at 7-9pm Central time and it will be recorded, so you can listen later even if you cannot join in now.

‘*A Procrustean bed is an arbitrary standard to which exact conformity is forced.’

(In the Greek myth, Procrustes claims he has a bed that fits all of his visitors. What he does not say is that those visitors that are too long, he cuts short, those that are too short, he stretches until they are long enough to fit. Or that he is just as pleased if his efforts to force his standards on them result in their deaths.)

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