I’m Invited to Join the Equus Literary Corral

Since I was not aware of them, I thought I would share their mission with you.

Equus Film and Arts Festival wants to be the home to the horse storytellers of the world….

Every horse has a story, it’s our mission at the EQUUS Film & Arts Festival to share those stories, through film, art and literature.

People love the idea and we love sharing our love of horses with the world. We are a platform to educate and enlighten the world to all issues related to horses.

And here are the 2019 entries for the Literary Corral:

I recently realized that I was writing ahead of the curve when I published my series ‘Light in the Saddle’. I wrote a post titled The Isometric Rider after reading an article about a just published study using muscle sensors to look at the difference between novice and advanced riders. The article concludes that as little as eight weeks of practice can improve rider’s body awareness.

Riders need to be able to keep their balance while making precise coherent movements to indicate what they want their horse to do. Then they need to be able to ‘ride the aid’, meaning that they must be able to stay with their horse when they respond to the aid. That is a very specific set of skills that is unique to the sport.

And I am offering exercises developed by a rider for riders. As my blurb says: ‘If you ever wondered just what your riding instructor wanted you do to when they shouted ‘Use Your Legs’, this book is for you. Exercises for the rider to develop balance, body awareness and precise independent aids are combined with a clear logical methods of coming to an agreement with your horse so you both know exactly what those aids mean.’

I found out about the Equus Literary Corral the day the applications closed for 2020 so I have only entered the one book. ‘Developing Independent Aids’. It is volume five in my series, but it addresses issues that all riders have experienced.

Here’s hoping to see you (perhaps virtually) at the EQUUS Literary Corral! Meanwhile, here is a link to my book:

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