FBI Surveillance Van #157

My phone and my computer both claimed that my internet was not cooperating about 8:50 this evening of October 16th. So I went to check my connectivity, and found I had a visitor, the FBI Surveillance Van * 157.

Now, I just want to say Hey there to the folks in the FBI van.

And assure them surveillance is nothing new to me. My father was a landscaper who worked in Los Alamos, NM when it was The Secret City, so we had visits from various branches of the secret services on a regular basis when I was a kid.

My father was quite courteous, offered refreshments and did his very best to expand their horizons through civil discourse.

So if you FBI folks need a potty break, or a cup of coffee, at least during daylight hours I’ll be glad to chat as long as you wear a mask and respect social distancing.

Update # 1:

I tried pressing the Facebook share button to share this post. I was immediately informed that my post, which had been live for less than a minute, could not be shared because someone had already reported it as undesirable content.

Now I am curious.

Has anybody out there tried to share posts from my blog and had them refused?

Am I asking such pointed questions that I ended up on some sort of watch list?

Is my blog being censored?

Should I be concerned that I will be involuntarily silenced/disappeared for being politically incorrect?

Maybe y’all need to stay tuned for the next episode or for the lack thereof.

Update # 2:

So I decided to try talking to the FBI field office about FBI Surveillance Van # 157 on my computer. Finding a way to check on why or if one is under surveillance is not easy. I ended up leaving a message for the Santa Fe Field Office. I also found a few links that might be helpful as Election Day approaches.

Report Election issues here

Report public corruption here

Report violent crime here

And here is an interactive page intended to educate about violent extremism.

Then I checked the domestic terrorism page and discovered there is one place in this country where women have near-equal representation. Out of a mere twelve individuals wanted for domestic terrorism, five are women. All of them have Anglo-Saxon last names although one wears her hair in cornrows. There is only one white man. The other six are men of color.

Looks bad, FBI, when heavily armed white men feel free to appear any where, threatening unarmed fellow Americans. So here is the FBI community outreach contact:

Griselda Lino-Fernandez
(915) 832-5376

Trump is attacking FBI Director Christopher Wray, so tell the FBI what you think, and remind them that Trump’s habit of paying 750$ a year in income taxes means you really do pay their salary.

Here is some info on the FBI from the ACLU:

Data Mining. The FBI is sweeping up incredible amounts of information about innocent Americans through unchecked data collection and data mining programs. According to documents obtained by Wired magazine in 2009, an arm of the FBI called the National Security Branch Analysis Center (NSAC) has collected 1.5 billion records from public and private sources in a massive data mining operation. The records collected by the FBI include financial records from corporate databases, such as hotel and rental car company transactions; millions of “suspicious activity reports” from financial institutions; millions of records from commercial data aggregators; a multitude of law enforcement and non-law enforcement government databases; and public information gleaned from telephone books and news articles. The NSAC records include data from the FBI’s Investigative Data Warehouse, which was identified in a Department of Justice Inspector General reports as the depository for information collected by the FBI through National Security Letters (NSLs) and illegal exigent letters.

The FBI has also established a new database called eGuardian to collect and share suspicious activity reports with the federal intelligence agencies, the Department of Homeland Security, fusion centers, the military and state and local law enforcement.

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