The ACLU, the FBI and Quora

The American Civil Liberties Union notes that: ‘The FBI has also established a new database called eGuardian to collect and share suspicious activity reports with the federal intelligence agencies, the Department of Homeland Security, fusion centers, the military and state and local law enforcement.

A commentator sent me a reference from Quora in response to my FBI posts. Apparently, there are a lot of people wondering about the FBI Surveillance Vans showing up on their Wifi. According to the responses on Quora, the names are spoofs since anyone can name their Wifi anything they want.

One Quora responder explained how he likes to entrap those who try to use his Wifi without his consent. He says he names his Wifi CIA Van. And he routes outside attempts to connect to the NSA.

In my case, I have neighbors who name their WiFi access in all sorts of entertaining ways. But none of them interfere with my own connectivity. And I am not trying to sign on to the internet through anyone else’s account.

The reason I am disturbed is because just before FBI Surveillance Van # 157 showed up on my wifi list of neighboring accounts, my iphone, my computer andmy modem all went down and they did so all at the same time. It took several minutes for them to come back on line, and when they did FBI Surveillance Van # 157 was suddenly on my list of neighboring accounts.

My high-speed internet connection has been SLOW ever since. The browser will now lock up occasionally and lose all the information I have input. I have even had to entirely reload my Mozilla Firefox browser, and do so more than once, because it has disappeared from my computer.

And when I type something like this blog post,, there is a noticeable lag between the time I press a key and the time it shows up on the computer screen. Sometimes a meaningless jumble of letters will appear instead of coherent words. When the words are recognizable, some words are repeated and some are deleted.

FBI Surveillance Van #157 is not always on my Wifi list. For the hours that there is no Van #157, everything works just fine. When it reappears, so do all my problems. Sometimes my online issues are much worse which just happens to coincide with the times Van #157 shows one bar. When Van #157 shows four bars, I do not experience nearly so much interference.

I have tried turning my Wifi off and then back on at my computer when Van # 157 is around. When my Wifi first comes back online, all my legitimate neighbors promptly reappear, but there is no FBI Surveillance Van #157. #157 shows up after a bit. The reappearance is usually accompanied by a brief glitch where my whole screen freezes up.

And yes, I called the FBI proper about this. I have gotten no response. I am not surprised as the FBI has a long history of abusing its surveillance powers:

Though the DIOG prohibits “the collection of cultural and behavioral information about an ethnic community that bears no relationship to a valid investigative or analytical need,” it allows FBI agents to consider “focused behavioral characteristics reasonably believed to be associated with a particular criminal or terrorist element of an ethnic community,” as well as “behavioral and cultural information about ethnic or racial communities” that may be exploited by criminals or terrorists “who hide within those communities.” (DIOG page 33-34).

If I was trying to ‘hide within my community’, I would not be posting on-line. Getting on a watch list because I am expressing my concerns about my country is a violation of my civil liberties. I’ll leave you with this thought from the ACLU site:

It is hard to imagine how any U.S. law enforcement agency would consider collecting and mapping racial and ethnic community demographics an appropriate use of its resources (or, for that matter, consistent with its obligation to not only follow but enforce U.S. civil rights laws).’

You can read the whole ACLU synopsis of FBI disregard for civil liberties here.

And you can support the ACLU by buying masks and more here

And you could support current FBI Director Christopher Wray, who is standing up to the criminal behavior of the 1% by prosecuting Epstein’s circle of well-do-to sexual predators. That is an appropriate use of FBI resources and it may lose him his job.

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