TMG and the Medical Industry

One of the reasons that I post on my health issues is because during the Trump era, getting medical issues recognized was not part of primary care practitioners jobs. Their job was to inflict as many arbitrary profit-making prescriptions and procedures as could possibly be pushed through the system. Insisting that care actually have some relationship to the individual person was considered ‘non-compliance’ and got me kicked out of pretty much every clinic that would take my health insurance.

Documenting my health issues on -line, like documenting stalking or sexual harassment, is actually a recognized as a way of gaining legitimacy for them. How twisted is that? I am hoping that Covid-19 will press this new administration into reforming the medical industryso it functions somewhat more in the patient’s favor, but meanwhile I decided I better play catch up.

So, the last time I my AV malformation acted up was about 9:30 in the evening on September 13th. I suddenly got a hideous headache, lost the use of my right arm and leg and fell over only to have all those symptoms relieved by spitting out mouthfuls of blood. I was able to get back up on my feet as soon as the pressure on my CNS was relieved by the blood leaking out into mouth.

But I tore up a bunch of old adhesions in my chest and diaphragm as I fell. De-stabilizing these old injuries always takes time to work through. This time around, I had been feeling I had a lump the size of a grapefruit tucked up under my left rib cage that was interfering with just about everything.

Nothing showed up on ultrasounds or blood tests, but sure enough after the fall, i had at least a pint of intra-hepatic stones pass. Up to now, getting rid of physical obstructions had improved both my circulation and my general sense of well-being.

But not this time. This time I continued to feel congested below my diaphragm. I continued to retain fluid. And I couldn’t tell if my brain fog was due to my AV malformation leaking or detox from all the damaged tissue.

THen I was looking for a methyl-B vitamin supplement. Usually I have to take methyl-cobalamine and methylated folic acid separately which adds up to a whole lot of fillers I would prefer not to process. So when I saw a methyl-B complex that included both of the above and a few more methylated b-vitamins with minimal fillers I went ahead and bought some.

It turned out to have TMG or betaine in it. Suddenly I began dropping about half a pound of water and toxins a day wioth no other change in my diet or activity. So I looked into TMG.

TMG has only just come back on the market. In 1993 it was removed from OTC products because no one could prove tht it was safe. That no one could prove that it was UNsafe was deemed irrelevant. In 1993 is when I quit taking B-complex supplements and when I was first diagnosed with ‘auto-toxification’ because my liver was unable to complete and coordinate its detox pathways.

Betaine or TMG is involved in the synthesis of many biologically important molecules. In my case, it is even more important as I have inherited some form of the genetic polymorphisms that disrupt the enzyme methionine synthase (MS) required to methylate those many biologically important molecules. TMG is the only substance that offers clinical improvement of the type of liver inflammation now diagnosed as non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. It is also a specific for pancreatitis.

Methyl B-12 and Methylated folic acid have been of some small assistance. But they are prescribed in micrograms. The therapeutic dosage of TMG for inflammation of the liver is 20 grams. That means I would have to take about a million times the RDA of B-12 to reach a therapeutic quantity of methyl compounds. The ratio looks like this:

TMG 20,0000 to 00000.00025 mcg B-12

I am struggling with how easily a flick of a pen made a plentiful and naturally occurring substance that could have prevented a lifetime of dis-ease unavailable to me for decades.

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