Light Hands in the Olympics?

I have been wanting a ‘Light Hands’ award in horse shows, especially in Dressage, for decades. Now high tech has made my wishes come true. Ipos Rein sensors give real-time feedback on how much pressure is being exerted on the reins. So far Ipos has found that:

  • The higher the level of a rider was, the less pressure they used while riding an exercise. Imke Schellekens- Bartels is actually able to ride an entire test under 2 kilos.
  • Ambidextrous riders (who can write with two hands) perform significantly better in equestrian sports. Riders with a preferred hand make crooked horses and these don’t perform as well.
  • There is a lot of variation in the amount of pressure riders use. This ranges from 2 to 25 kilograms. In itself this is a good sign, because this means it is possible to ride a horse with light contact. It’s up to you to learn how.

The next step is to enforce light hands as an industry standard, regardless of discipline or tack. Bitless bridles included!

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One thought on “Light Hands in the Olympics?

  1. My coach always insists on “light ” rein aids. If she sees me getting stuck she reminds me. For lessons I ride in a double bridle but the curb rein is not tightened. Also I do not have a curb bit with a port it is a slightly curved bar. I agree that heavy hands do not accomplish anything other than injury. Riding with light hands is the goal.

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