I’m NOT Celebrating the Fourth of July

I sent information to the Kiwanis Club of Santa Fe through their Facebook page when I heard that they were planning a bigger than ever fireworks show.

I found a study looking at the long lasting toxic fallout from firecrackers.

I found an article detailing the damage fireworks inflict on livestock, and wildlife as well as pets.

I found that there are alternatives to fireworks. If the National Football League is using drones instead of fireworks to put on genuinely brilliant light shows, so can your community. Imagine if the Kiwanis Club offered every kid with a drone a chance to put together a light show for the Fourth of July. The kids would be busy learning some actual skills that might pay off later in life. The Kiwanis Club could do something that actually benefits the greater community. And we might see some creative brilliance over the holiday.

However, getting civic organizations to consider alternatives to fireworks appears to be an uphill battle. I also sent this FB message to the Kiwanis Club because I like to be able to breath and I hate watching my animals suffer needlessly:

I live downwind of Santa Fe Place Mall. Your 2019 fireworks show caused a bank of foul-smelling smoke/smog to hang over my property. The smoke caused such a severe reaction in my lungs that I was not sure that I wold be able to get to my inhaler before I stopped breathing. My animals showed signs of heavy metal poisoning. My chickens lost feathers, were unable to form eggshells and several died within days of your firework display. The noise and smoke caused one of my horses to have seizures. How do you plan to compensate me for this annual damage to my and my animals health, well-being and quality of living?

While I have not received an official response from the Kiwanis Club, I did get this FB message from one Leroy Trujillo:

June 23 at 7:08 AMWed 7:08 AM

Leroy Trujillo

Leroy sent June 23 at 7:08 AM

Hi Sara, just wanted to say. Fuck you and your stupid dogs. Leave town for a hour if fireworks are a problem. You Nazis are annoying as fuck already. Do us all a favor and shut the fuck up

I blocked Leroy on FB. Because those who are prone to outbursts of verbal violence are those also prone to outbrusts of physical violence, I do recommend him as a potential domestic terrorist to FBI Surveillance Van #157 that ois abck interferting (thanks for the un-spellcheck guys) that is back interfering with my internet connectivity- yes, I am getting notified that ‘my internet connection has been restored’ whenever I try to post anything now that the FBI van is showing up on my list of networks again.

This Fourth of July I’ll join those concerned for the future of our democracy, not celebrate those who wish to destroy it.

What I would celebrate is reinstating the Fairness Doctrine. There is a difference between facts and opinions. Learning there is a difference would be a big step forward for the citizens of the USA, as Leroy so ably demonstrates.

What I would celebrate would be an end to the filibuster- Come on Dems! DO something about it!!!

What I would celebrate would be Liz Cheney actually acting on her statement that she ‘would do anything’ to keep Trump from returning to office. She could start by pushing the For the People Act through.

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