Logical Fallacies

I posted this list of logical fallacies on Facebook. It proved quite popular. In fact it spread so fast among so many friends of friends of friends it caused Facebook great alarm.

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I was put on notice that my news feed would be slowed down and anything I posted would appear at the bottom of my friends news feeds. I wanted to dismiss such problems as part of Facebook’s bizarre censorship, paranoia and algorithmic misdirection. Then I started getting private messages asking me if I was the new Q.

So I promptly blocked all private messages from strangers that declared their joyful allegiance with my entirely fictional campaign to repudiate imaginary political stances that they were attributing to me in my assigned role as cult leader. I am not sure if things have calmed down because I refused to respond, or because Facebook decided that I was indeed aspiring to become a cult figure-head and fiddled with their algorithms to make me less visible.

It has actually been a little frightening as several strangers sent messages assuring of their intent to track me down at my home so I could support them and their interpretation of my intentions in person. A friend pointed out that having a last name of Annon might have fueled the Q-Anon frenzy. My last name might be a factor.

So I decided to post the list of logical fallacies here as well to make my position clear. People invested in trolling the internet and then capable of adding a list of logical fallacies to my last name in order to justify labeling me as the public face of a crazed conspiracy theory are clearly incapable of recognizing a logical fallacy when they see one. That makes them people I prefer to avoid.

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