Asad’s Self-Correcting Hind Hooves

Asad arrived in need of a hoof trim. His hooves were not only over grown, they did not reflect the angles and relationships of the bones and ligaments the hoof capsule protects.

The hind hoof in the background shows the under-run heels and long toe that Asad arrived with. The hind hoof in the foreground shows how the hoof begins to self-correct. The crescent shape that has broken off in the quarters two weeks after he arrives allows the toe and heel to re-align with the inner structures.
Here are Asad’s hind hooves seven weeks after he arrived. The slope of his pasterns flows smoothly through the whole hoof. That means the internal structures aligned with the outside structure. That reduces the stress and strain on his joints and connective tissue.

All this positive change has come about simply because he has some room to move. His home-pen is roughly 40×40. And the footing is Northern new Mexico flood plain sand, clay and stones.

His front hooves are still a work in progress. My theory on why his hind hooves have reshaped themselves so quickly is that he does like to work off his hindquarters. I’ll share a photo of his squat and spin as soon as I manage to take one!

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