Asad in the Big Field

I have started turning Asad out in my one acre arena. I have waited till now because he can be a real pain to catch. He has learned that he can escape by rearing and spinning away. And often does so when I reach towards him, especially f I have a rope or halter in my hand.

I keep a close eye on his turn out because I do still leave his halter on. It is much easier to clip a lead line on under his chin than reach over his neck with anything in my hand. But as this photo shows, getting up close and socializing is no problem now. Eventually, he will allow me to slip a rope over his neck without rearing. But at least I can let him out where he has room to stretch his legs if he want to now.

I wanted to make sure that I could catch Asad in a larger area without a stall to corner him in. So we have been practicing in the round pen. I ask him to move out, then we stop for a bit of wither scratching and eating.Then I ask him to move out again.

So when we went out to the big field for the first time, I made sure we did the same sort of thing. We walked the perimeter of the field with Asad on the lead line first. Then I unclipped the lead line and kept on walking.

Asad stayed within a few yards. And when I offered a handful of timothy pellets, he was glad to share a bite to eat and few more scratches. And now when I whistle at him, he comes trotting right up!

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