Sheriff’s Deputy Lattin in Agua Fria Village

To Whom it may concern:

I’m a disabled 64 year-old woman,

I drove thru the stop sign at the San Isidro Crossing and Agua Fria Street this Sunday afternoon because a big black and white SUV  came barreling up behind me showing no signs of slowing down, never mind stopping. I have been repeatedly harassed and run off the road by large black and white SUV’s recently. The last big black and white SUV that ran me off the road was covered with MAGA, Trump and Webb for sheriff signs. I found having another large black and white  SUV bearing down on my 2005 Subaru Legacy frightening , especially since I have been rearended in the past. I decided to keep going since there were no cars on San Isidro Crossing, and hope the driver of the vehicle behind me passed or turned without any further issues.

The vehicle behind me than began to flash lights and shout at me to pull over. I pulled over into a drive way, but the voice continued to shout at me. I pulled forward, which left me with two wheels on the side walk. The vehicle kept shouting at me, so I pulled up to the bus stop. I stayed with two wheels on the sidewalk because the black and white SUV was so close behind me that i could not see if the traffic was clear behind it.

The Sheriff’s deputy, whose name tag read Lattin, walked up to my passenger side door. My car is old and the passenger window has fallen off its track. So the window does not roll down and the door does not open.  Lattin was irate, yanking on the door handle and shouting for me to open it.  As soon as he came around to the driver’s side window I gave him my registration, license and insurance papers.

When he came back, I explained why I had down what I had done and that I would like to contest the ticket.

Deputy Lattin told me that I was being argumentative and he would write me more tickets, citing me for driving on the sidewalk and that he would take me to jail if I did not accept the citation. When I told him to just give me the ticket, he continued to insist that I admit I was resisting his authority. He finally handed it over after insisting I initial the red penalty assessment box that states ‘I acknowledge my guilt.’

I don’t agree with the ticket. 

Deputy Lattin’s statement that I did not see other vehicles is inaccurate. I saw his vehicle in my rearview mirror and decided to get out of its way.

Deputy Lattin’s speech was angry and inappropriate.

His face was pale and sweaty and his hands were shaking.

His threats to escalate the charges were frightening enough that I was not going to get out of my vehicle in his presence.

I was afraid that I would be physically dragged out of my vehicle and taken down with the excuse that I was resisting arrest.

Again, I am a disabled 64 year-old woman, with no traffic citations, not even parking tickets. I have no record of any arrests ever.

I am left without recourse in this case, except for emailing the sheriff’s office, because of Deputy Lattin’s threats.

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