Deathbed Promises Log

When I requested that my brothers demonstrate that they could act in good faith, their response has been to get their lawyer to send me registered letters I need to sign for.

Self-preservation 101 dictates that I don’t sign anything that is an any way connected to any of my brothers or their representatives. ESPECIALLY without first reading it and getting legal advice myself.

So, no, I am not signing for anything from any of them for any reason.

So this morning, I received a phone call from an unknown number. Thankfully my funky phone reception means I only saw the call some time after it was made, I did not actually hear it ring. I do not have any voice mail set up, so I have no way of knowing if the caller wanted to leave a message.

Unfortunately, the electronic funkery I routinely experience also decided to call the number when I tried to check if it was spam…and guess who is calling me at home on my private number when I explicitly asked NOT to be contacted?

My brothers’ lawyer is Slate Stern. Slate Stern is one of the top 100 litigating firms in the USA.

Self-preservation 101 also dictates that I do not talk to my brothers’ lawyer AT ALL without legal representation myself.

However hiring a any lawyer, never mind one willing to take on a top 100 firm, requires big bucks which means I will need to find somebody who is willing to go for damages in order to get paid.

Wallowing in the foille a famille is an ugly scene. I do not want to do it.

But if needs must, needs must.

For now, I’ll wait and see/report what happens next.

Perhaps they will figure out what good faith actually means.

It may be a foolish hope, but to me, a promise is a promise.


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