The Terminator is a Fanatic for Voting

In 2016, Arnold Schwarzenegger advised his fellow Republicans that: “It is not only acceptable to choose your country over your party — it is your duty.” In 2020, Arnold Schwarzenegger says he is a voting fanatic and will pay for polling booths in the American South. Since he is an immigrant from Austria whose family […]

Living with Lingering Covid-19 Symptoms

When I had my DNA sequenced, I decided to go with Helix. Helix works with the National Geographic and the Mayo Clinic, so they do a very complete job of sequencing. And they asked me if I wanted to participate in their DNA studies, insted of assuming my genetic info was theirs to mine and […]

The Isometric Rider

I am working my way through ‘Horse Brain, Human Brain’ and I keep having to put the book down. Janet Jones is great on theory, but horses are pragmatists. They really do not care how we humans rationalize our behavior. Her ideas on ‘building an equestrian brain’ sound good until she gets to the exercises. […]

Procrustean Politics

Trump-ettes have taken over the Republican Party and are using the US Post Office to send me messages claiming that the ‘Radical Left’ has taken over the Democratic Party. I try to be fair and listen to both sides. So I tried looking up just what the ‘Radical Left’ might be. It turns out that […]

Horse Brain, Human Brain

I decided to try to read this book even though there so little research on equine neuro-science and what has been done is so poorly designed that any conclusion are suspect.And what do you know, Jones has a great deal more to say about how our human brains work than about how horse brains work. […]

My Doorway to Plant Wisdom

In my lifetime, those who have popularized shamanic techniques have attempted to integrate them into their existing Western worldview. For example, Carlos Castaneda, Felicitas Goodman and Michael Harner were all anthropologists with an implicit bias towards framing their experiences in terms of literate Western Civilization. My challenge is to integrate the foundations of that intellectual […]

Bio-Mechanics and Finesse in the Saddle

Even I have to admit the study looking at the difference between novice and and advanced riders with muscles sensors chose their advanced riders well. Nine advanced riders from the Spanish School of Classical Riding, home base for Lipizzaner horses performing airs above the ground, were not only able to move muscles in their limbs […]