After my own heart…

‘ There is an infinite pleasure in further understanding how the horse’s physique and mind effectively function. The initial move is not very difficult. It is about regarding progress as an opportunity to better ride and train and teach, instead of a challenge to one’s ego.’ Read more:    

Pride, or the Peacock’s Tail

%When through intense pride I wander in samsara (confusion) On the luminous light path Of the wisdom of equality% From Tibetan Inspiration-Prayer for Deliverance from the Dangerous Pathway of the Bardo by Chongyam Trungpa The Seven Deadly Sins are often associated with specific colors and animals. Lust is usually blue and associated with the Bull […]

Beyond Acidophilus

My very latest summer 2015 catalogue of horse supplies includes a product that finally addresses my longstanding complaint about commercial horse probiotics. It turns out that someone out there was listening when I repeatedly asked WHY don‎’t horse probiotics have, if not variety, at least one single culture adapted specifically to the horse. As of […]

Kikkuli Principles of Horse Fitness

Thank you for coming to my blog.  I appreciate your interest, and want to let you know that the content of this post is being incorporated into a series of books. Horse  fitness is as vital now as it has been to cavalry for some 3500 thousand years although our challenges are a little different.  […]