Five Months with the Choctaw Princess

Here is a photo of the Choctaw Princess about five months on another cloudy day. You can see she is in good condition because she is bit sleeker than her usual fuzzy winter self. I let her out to roll and she spent most of her time tearing around bucking and kicking. She sweated just […]

On Longeing a Princess

I learned quite a bit about the Choctaw Princess’s history and perception of humans while free-longeing her last fall. I learned that she had, as her previous owner put it, been ‘over-schooled’ to freeze when a human put a rope around her neck or a halter on her head. As soon as there was pressure […]

On Feeding a Princess

Along with the Choctaw Princess, I got a five-pound bucket of the latest in feed additives for horses prone to grass founder. The supplement contains beneficial yeast as saccharomyces cerevasiae and beneficial fungi as aspergillus oryzae as well as some of the usual lacto, bifido and enterococcus bacteria. I went out on a limb when […]

Marketing and Scams

Well, maybe scam is putting it a bit strongly, but I somehow triggered the ‘give us your money, we have 850,000 contacts who want to buy YOUR book!’ ads before I even got any manuscripts to my e-publisher.  I suppose it is possible that the advertisers might genuinely have hundreds of thousands of live contacts […]

Rocking the Lumbo-Sacral Joint

When I read that neither horse’s spines nor their legs bent to the side, but that they turned by rotating the vertebrae in their back in order to change the path their hind legs took I had to think it out for myself. Sure enough, when I really looked at the difference between the horse’s […]

The Gallop and the Horse’s Back

Horse people tend to use the words canter and gallop interchangeably, when the horse actually has two distinct hardwired versions of the canter/gallop. Dressage trainers call one version a four-beat canter. Personally I call it the galumph because it is an awkward collapse towards the front  that feels like the horse is progressing by moving […]