Actually Researching Horseness…

I do have a lot of criticisms of our modern horse industry. The trend towards treating horses as animal production units that should be replaced every three years for maximum profit has devastating repercussions (click here) short and long term.  So when there is a move towards looking into and respecting the horseness of the […]

Beta Readers and Field Tests

One of my questions  my Fly By Night publisher never responded to was how to go about getting a couple of beta readers for my manuscripts. I have this peculiar and persistent idea that my instructions and stories on horse training should be tested to make sure that they are accessible, engaging, and usable before […]

After my own heart…

‘ There is an infinite pleasure in further understanding how the horse’s physique and mind effectively function. The initial move is not very difficult. It is about regarding progress as an opportunity to better ride and train and teach, instead of a challenge to one’s ego.’ Read more:    

Learn To See

By the time a horse begins to vocalize (groan) with pain IF they ever do make noise at all their situation is life threatening.  Noticing signs of pain , distress, and discomfort early on is vital in schooling and competition as well as horse keeping. Learn to see, not just look! Here are a few […]

Tricks and Treats

To demonstrate  that they were truly in communication with their mount, High School riders of the classical traditions were often challenged to perform any sequence or combination of movements their audience could think up right there and then.  Here Nuno Oliviera and his horse demonstrate their versatility: For centuries the worst insult a High School […]