Petty Politics Affect Spanish Colonial Horses

I have not had much interest in the Wilber Cruce horses found on the Arizona/ Mexico border. An Anglo doctor collecting Mexican horses in 1880 is practically present tense in term of Spanish Colonial horses. The significant populations of Spanish Colonial horses had long been established . The Square Baroque war horses of Northern New […]

Spanish Colonial Horses and Endurance Tests

The Spanish Colonial horse excelled as light horse cavalry for millennia. Yet our Spanish Colonial horses have not made a mark in modern endurance competitions. I say that is because those modern races are not actually about the horse’s endurance at all. I once asked a lowlands horse trainer who specialized in endurance competitions how […]

Looking for a Square Horse

The Choctaw Princess is stable now, but I really do want a horse that I can school. So I have managed to make a decision of sorts about my next horse. I remain open to a rescue as the experience is always educational. At the very least, taking on a rescue gives me insight into […]

Baroque Horse Bones in New Mexico

Until very recently, it was official US government policy to more or less forcibly transform Native American warriors into farmers. US government agents made sure that Indian pony stallions were either castrated or slaughtered. Heavy horses bred for harness were brought in to cross on the local mares. Harness horses or trotters, whether heavy draft […]

San Felipe Horses

I was quite sorry to hear that San Felipe Pueblo was no longer interested in keeping the horse herds that have roamed the area for centuries.  The lineage of Medicine Horses among Spanish Mustangs traces back to a stallion named Santo Domingo because that pueblo is where the Brislawn brothers found and bought him. That […]

Dr. Green

Matthew Wood asked me to participate in his April first online Materia Medica class (click here). The topic was the Trickster. Matt had a great repertoire of herbal remedies that can help shift the various ways our wondrous human mind can trick us into states that are really not so wonderful. Of course the question […]