Helping Your Horse Survive Firework Displays

Its time for my annual ‘ get your local 4th of July platform to look for alternatives to firecrackers’ post. Not least, inform your community about the damage fireworks cause: Fireworks produce a sound output that is in the 150 to 175 decibel range. Each year, many people experience some damage to their hearing as […]

Historical Context for BLM Horse Ancestry Reports

I like to track BLM Mustang blog and Facebook group activity as well as activity about Colonial Spanish horses. There is not any where near as distinct a division as either extreme would like to believe. Holding that middle ground means I am getting more and more requests from peopel who are confused by the […]

Free-roaming Colonial Spanish Horses in New Mexico

Now that scholars are actually looking at the horse bones found among indigenous people’s historic remains, there is DNA evidence that horses had been integrated into indigenous cultures decades before Onate set out for Northern New Mexico. The people who assimilated into those indigenous culture were undocumented. Why is no mystery. The just-rescinded Doctrine of […]

I Got An Amazon Book Review!!!

I really did not appreciate how much difference readers picking out how many stars could make for an author until now. I am thrilled that I got a four star review form a complete stranger on the most challenging least accessible book in my horse training series. In fact, The Gymnastic Circle, Longeing and the […]

Duke of Albuquerque’s Horses in Iran

There is some new information just coming out on equine genetics in North America. The study that looked into the DNA of horses associated with the Siouan-speaking Plains Indian Tribes not only found that the Horse Tribes had horses long before the Pueblo Indian Revolt of 1680, one horse skeleton was most closely related to […]

Asad, 2005 Grullo Breeding Stallion

I feel that mare owners deserve to be fully informed about the stallions they are considering breeding to.As a responsible stallion owner invested in preservation breeding, I found Etalon offers the most comprehensive health and performance genetic diagnostics for the money. I am taking the less usual route of sharing those results publicly. It is […]

Asad Has a White Line Now

I’ve had a hard time writing about Asad’s hooves until now, because every time I trimmed them I saw how much damage there was to the white line where the laminae connect the inner structures of the hoof to the hoof wall. Instead of a thin smooth narrow white line, he had a lumpy erratic […]

The Highly Contentious Strain of Wilber Cruce Horses

The Wilber Cruce strain remains one of the most acrimoniously contested strains of Colonial Spanish horses. I do regret not taking screenshots of the various explanations of the strain’s backgrounds that have been posted on line over the last decade or so. However, I have put the relevant points of the different stories together as […]

I’m Feeling Like a Real Author Now

Yes, I have received a Winnie Award for one of my Light in the Saddle horse training books. And I should have realized I was writing outside the box when my publisher for my horse series ghosted me. I am beginning to realize my work is leading edge because at least two sites that publish […]