I’m Feeling Like a Real Author Now

Yes, I have received a Winnie Award for one of my Light in the Saddle horse training books. And I should have realized I was writing outside the box when my publisher for my horse series ghosted me. I am beginning to realize my work is leading edge because at least two sites that publish […]

Barefoot Olympic Gold in Showjumping

I was actually able to watch the showjumping of the 202(1) Olympics without utterly cringing. The Swedish team took the gold with only one pole down. They were one of the few teams that seemed to realized that the brakes are in their behinds and their hands are for communication. And their horses not only […]

Take It Easy on Your Horse’s Mouth!

I keep coming across reports of how many riders injure their horse’s mouths, especially during competitions. I do not see many articles about how to reduce the number of horses with injured mouths. Nor do I see any explanation of why those who want top performances from their horses in competition are the very people […]

I’m Invited to Join the Equus Literary Corral

Since I was not aware of them, I thought I would share their mission with you. Equus Film and Arts Festival wants to be the home to the horse storytellers of the world…. Every horse has a story, it’s our mission at the EQUUS Film & Arts Festival to share those stories, through film, art […]

The Isometric Rider

I am working my way through ‘Horse Brain, Human Brain’ and I keep having to put the book down. Janet Jones is great on theory, but horses are pragmatists. They really do not care how we humans rationalize our behavior. Her ideas on ‘building an equestrian brain’ sound good until she gets to the exercises. […]

Horse Brain, Human Brain

I decided to try to read this book even though there so little research on equine neuro-science and what has been done is so poorly designed that any conclusion are suspect.And what do you know, Jones has a great deal more to say about how our human brains work than about how horse brains work. […]

Bio-Mechanics and Finesse in the Saddle

Even I have to admit the study looking at the difference between novice and and advanced riders with muscles sensors chose their advanced riders well. Nine advanced riders from the Spanish School of Classical Riding, home base for Lipizzaner horses performing airs above the ground, were not only able to move muscles in their limbs […]

Bio-Mechanics and the Novice in the Saddle

I just came across a study looking at the difference between novice and and advanced riders using muscles sensors. Six ‘recreational’ riders were the novice examples. I presume these individuals rode occasionally, but did not own a horse or take lessons. Their background was not made clear. But the researchers found ‘more chaotic muscle activity’ […]