On Alliteration and Speaking In Tongues

‘The literature on Glossolalia is relatively scant. It also reflects The absence of any kind of working definition, and all too often richness of invention substitutes for careful observation.’ Speaking In Tongues, A Cross Cultural Study of Glossolalia Felicitas D. Goodman One of the ongoing questions that percolates through my mind during this journey into […]

The Geometry of Speech

Astro-logy literally means ‘star-writing’.  There are a lot of avenues to pursue from that understanding but here is one I find fascinating: Alchemists insist that humans are a microcosm of the whole and our voice is a heavenly instrument. Compare the shapes of the human voice to the voice of the stars… and more food […]

The Rainbow Nation

I found this clip of Pete Seeger, political and social activist who  just died aged 94, and his grandson Tao Rodriquez singing together to be the best eulogy I could think of: …sometimes what  is most important is to remember that we are truly one nation and one blood.

Groovin’ Tuvan

Music to feed the souls of the Ancestors: Kongar-ol Ondar died of a brain hemorrhage July, 2013, age 51. Click here for his obituary. The truly extra-ordinary legacy of Genghis Khan is that a thousand years after the wars he fought for his lands and his freedom to roam, his people are still horse nomads […]

Apropos of Nothing

I ran across Brahm Tchaikovsky’s  1979 song Sarah Smiles this morning.  Of the all the Sara songs out there I have had sung at me in some peculiar form of musical flirtation birthed in the heydays of rock-n-roll, this is perhaps the only one I actually like.  Most of the others are Sara-fix-me songs, and […]