Ice Age Nornir

Since I am working on my series of books on the runes, I had rune trivia in the back of my mind while I read Genevieve von Petzinger’s book on the Ice Age geometric markings from caves in the Pyrenees. I found myself running an informal checklist comparing rune trivia to cave art as I […]

Fate, Debt and Free Will

One of the most illuminating doorways into how people saw and used the runes is discovering the literal translations of the names and terms we have adapted into our contemporary usage. We usually considered The three Norns in the Runic traditions to be equivalent to the Greco-Roman Three Fates.  And we think of those Three […]

Dang That DNA

Part of our family story includes being related to to the famous outlaw Jesse James on my father’s mother’s side. According to my DNA, we actually are related… but our maternal DNA split some 45-65,000 years ago. That might pass for being what southerners call ‘kissing cousins’, closely enough related to be called family, but […]

Bay Laurel, Fatty Liver and Lab Tests

I am currently on an early to bed ( because I am too miserable to function) and early to rise (because I am too miserable to stay in bed) schedule. All because apparently my liver/pancrease/diaphragm have decided that they will clear all the obstructions, toxins and adhesions of my entire lifetime right now. I am […]