I Do Love Anatomy

I am in the process of figuring out how to illustrate the ecstatic body postures, rune stances and martial arts movements that are integrated into my World Tree Cards. Throughout time, these positions have been illustrated with considerable artistic license. Meaning abstract lines and 3-d figurines have constraints of their own that really aren’t relevant […]

Shiva’s 840,000 Postures of Creation- The Call

Thank you for your interest in  my blog. The information in this post has been integrated into my series Rune Stances and Creation Stories. The first volume is available now. ‘Early in the 1980’s, an Austrian friend of mine Conceived the notion That we should use the trance-posture experiences for  ‘celebration’. None of us had […]

The Inexplicable

When I was drawn to do shamanic workshops in Germany in 2001, the Rune Field took the opportunity to introduce itself to me. I eventually realized that my visionary experiences were responses to my father’s and godfather’s prayers for healing. In my Pueblo godfather’s view, my father’s cancer could only be healed by addressing his […]