Light in the Saddle Publications

My series on horse training began with the idea of turning my posts on riding and schooling into textbooks that could be marketed to equine science associate degree programs. The small publisher that originally contacted me with that idea quickly fell by the wayside and I ended up becoming an independent publisher. I got to discover for myself that marketing books is not an easy business to break into. However, since the structure of this series is based on an effective process of schooling, I kept it.

The exercises for the rider in each volume are focused on developing a sound scaffolding of awareness and understanding that allows them communicate clearly with their horse on the ground. Learning a basic kinesthetic alphabet of the natural aids opens the doors to exploring what a horse and a human can do together from the saddle.

The exercises for the horse are focused on developing a sound biomechanically appropriate scaffolding of fitness, correct movement and understanding that allows the horse to carry their rider with ease. As the horse learns to ‘read’ and respond to entire words built from the basic kinesthetic alphabet of the rider’s natural aids, they become able and willing to offer all they have to give with all their ardor

The complete series of eight volumes starts on the ground with:

Volume 1, Seeking Common Ground, Bridging the Gap between Horse and Human

Very impressed with knowledgeable experience and down to earth practical compassionate sensibilities- Gretchen from California

Basic horse training then continues in this order:

Volume, 2, The Gymnastic Circle, Lungeing and the Horse’s Back

Volume 3, Rider Up, Saddles, Seats, and the Horse’s Back

Volume 4, Light in Hand, Bits, bridles, and the Horse’s Mouth

Volume 5, Developing Independent Aids, Legs without Hands, Hands without Legs

Those who would like to fine tune their riding can explore:

Volume 6, Coordinating Your Aids, The Seat is the Aid of Aids

Volume 7, Refining Your Aids, Riding in the Wind of the Boot which is coming soon

Those who are facing problems with their horse can refer to:

Volume 8, Solving Training Problems by Appealing to the Horse’s Initiative which is coming soon

If you click on the title, it should take you to Amazon where you can buy each e-book. However, the company that formats and distributes my e-books works with many different distributors, so you should be able to find my work at your favorite bookseller.

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