Why am I Publishing a Series?

Of course, I could have solved my book cover dilemma by stuffing everything into one encyclopedic volume. The idea of turning my horse training blogs into a series of books on horse training actually came from my Fly-By-Night publisher.  At first, their insistence that no one would ever read a book longer than 40,000 words […]

Castle of Wonders

Even though I have worked out the star guides for the journeys and tasks of Gawain and Fierefiz, Parzival’s half-brother, in my archeo-astronomical ordering of Parzival’s quest,  I’ve let that project slide to the back of the burner for a while.  While a fun intellectual exercise I was not at all sure that the stories […]

Beta Readers and Field Tests

One of my questions  my Fly By Night publisher never responded to was how to go about getting a couple of beta readers for my manuscripts. I have this peculiar and persistent idea that my instructions and stories on horse training should be tested to make sure that they are accessible, engaging, and usable before […]

Acidosis, Adhesions, and Allergies

If you look up the causes of metabolic acidosis on the internet, electrical shock is right up there on the top of the list, along with crushing injuries, and medications. Rhabdomyolysis is specifically the rapid breakdown of skeletal muscle and  symptoms include weight gain, muscle weakness, fatigue, confusion, nausea and compartment syndrome.  In chronic compartment […]

Audio versus Visual

It turned out to be a good thing I decided to check out and review the companies offering e-publishing before I made any decisions   Apparently a parent company  called Pearson  owns a ton of e-publishers under various names and they are all under investigation for a class action suite for taking independent authors for all […]