‘Something Elses’ Flipped the 2020 Election

I offer a heartfelt Thank You to all the ‘something elses’ who pray for the well being of all the children, regardless of who their ancestors are. Over two hundred years ago Europeans based our American democratic process on the practices of the indigenous peoples. A higher percentage of Native Americans serve in the armed […]

USA Needs Election Monitoring NOW

Since Trump and his Trumpettes insist that they distrust our electoral process, we need outside observers to monitor the 2020 presidential vote. ‘Election monitoring is the observation of an election by one or more independent parties, typically from another country or a non-governmental organization (NGO), primarily to assess the conduct of an election process on […]

White Privilege and the Post Office

Amidst the uproar about mail-in voting, the media has overlooked one fundamental factor. Whites in this country take having having an address for granted. Whites in this country take having access to US mail services for granted. Eliminating postal services in rural, indigenous and poor suburban and urban neighborhoods has been underway for decades. Here […]