The Fifth Door and the Seven Sisters

• ‘Hear now age old tales as if they were new, that they may teach you to speak true’ • (Trevrizent to Parzival in Book IX) Having gotten Parzival into the Fish’s Mouth (click here) and set the container for his inward journey, the next big question is what is the point, the intent, and […]

The Geometry of Speech

Astro-logy literally means ‘star-writing’.  There are a lot of avenues to pursue from that understanding but here is one I find fascinating: Alchemists insist that humans are a microcosm of the whole and our voice is a heavenly instrument. Compare the shapes of the human voice to the voice of the stars… and more food […]

Heliacal Risings

In looking for the astronomical anchor for the women’s side of the archeo-astronomical path of initiation, it occurred to me that the Morning Star is prominent in Revelations and there are twelve  gateways made of single pearls (stars) in the heavenly city. I thought that I’d take a look at the list of stars whose […]

The First Door Into Nigredo, the Blackening

Being born is a descent into darkness of the material world, a reverse enlightenment where we are so overcome and intensely focused on our ability to create a body that we become oblivious to the rest of the universe. When we are limited to the five senses of our own body, disconnected from the joyful […]